Willam sparks privacy debate after sharing Grindr grid on Insta

Willam has posted a Grindr screenshot | Photos: Wiki/Grindr press imagery

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam has started a debate among fans after sharing a screenshot of her Grindr account to Instagram.

The post shows the faces of six Grindr users, seemingly in Norwich, the location the Instagram post is tagged in.

The A Star Is Born actress was performing at Waterfront venue in the English city this week.

Three of the photos on the grid do not show the users’ faces.

Willam was drawing attention to one person’s profile name (‘Where’s Willam?’), adding the caption: ‘I grew up playing Where’s Waldo and now they play Where’s Willam on Grindr.’

‘You shouldn’t be posting this’

Willam’s followers discussed the ethical implications of sharing the screenshot. It has attracted 530 comments since Tuesday.

‘I know when I was in the closet if someone well-known posted a pic of me from a dating app I would have been mortified and terrified,’ said one commenter. ‘It’s not always safe for people to be out.’

‘A violation of privacy is a violation of privacy,’ said another. ‘These men have their picture shared without permission. It’s a basic right.’

Another said: ‘Unless you know, categorically, that these guys are out you shouldn’t be posting this.’ They furthermore added: ‘I’m a fan so this comes from the heart, but I kinda feel this was an excessive in being controversial.’

Another said: ‘We aren’t acting offended/ We think it’s tacky. Grindr isn’t something everyone is on and [sees], Instagram is.’

‘Calm tf down’

However, some defended Willam. One said: ‘”outing Grindr users” omfg calm tf down. pro tip: if you don’t want people to know you’re on Grindr, don’t get Grindr’.

Another said: ‘They’re on a very well known app that even my very conservative aunt knows is mainly for hookups. I would assume if they’re comfortable enough to have their face on there they would be publicly out already.’

A third said: ‘come on. Posting a pic of you online, regardless of how revealing it is, is literally on a par with walking out into a crowded street. If you want privacy you basically have to disconnect from the internet.’

Responding to one of the fans, Willam wrote: ‘U mean u wonder if they know they put their own pics up? Cuz unless you’re one of them, I’d stop worrying. If any of them take issue, I will take down. Don’t be lame though until then and play doubting Thomas.’

To another, she said: ‘It’s an app that every gay man has and can see those pics by signing on. Don’t play this game trying to act offended for offended sake UNLESS you are one of those people pictured and then I would consider continuing this conversation. Otherwise kick rocks babe.’

Grindr’s terms and conditions state: ‘Except as expressly authorized by Grindr under this Agreement, You agree not to sell, license, distribute, copy, modify, publicly perform or display, transmit, publish, edit, adapt, create derivative works from, or otherwise make unauthorized use of the Materials.’

Willam declined to comment when approached by Gay Star News; Grindr has also been approached for comment.

Author: Jamie Tabberer

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