The top 16 Snatch Game performances in Drag Race HERstory

Who comes out on top? Is it Little Edie? Maggie Smith? Or… Celia Cruz? 

Each year, one of the most anticipated moments of RuPaul’s Drag Race – aside from the crowing of a new drag superstar, of course – is watching our queens show off their best celebrity impersonations.

Over the years, we’ve had appearances from icons such as Maggie Smith, Lady Gaga, Pink, Adele, Judge Judy, Carol Channing, Little Richard, Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears (some twice).

In celebration of the All Stars 4 premiere next week, we’ve compiled a list of our top 16 favourite Snatch Game performances – and no, Lineysha Sparkx’s Celia Cruz did not make the cut. Sorry hennies!

16. Raja – Tyra Banks (Season 3)

Raja’s portrayal of her America’s Next Top Model bestie Tyra Banks earned the queen a top three placement for its wackiness and irreverence. Number one henny Stacy Layne Matthews may have won the challenge, but lines such as “Naomi Campbell is a cum-guzzling whore!” cement it as season three’s best performance.

15. Sasha Velour – Marlene Dietrich (Season 9)

Season nine winner Sasha Velour came close to winning Snatch Game with her brilliant portrayal of German actress Marlene Dietrich. We’re used to camp, over-the-top impersonations for the fan-favourite challenge, so Sasha’s dry, understated performance was a breath of fresh air.

14. BenDeLaCreme – Paul Lynde (All Stars 3)

Despite a stellar cast, All Stars 3’s Snatch Game was one of the worst in the show’s HERstory. BenDeLaCreme, however, came through for us with a sensational performance of American comedian and TV personality Paul Lynde. She became the first (and only) queen to win Snatch Game twice!

13. Bob the Drag Queen – Uzo Aduba/Carol Channing (Season 8)

The only queen to impersonate two celebrities at once, Bob the Drag Queen wiped the floor with his season eight sisters. In other seasons of Drag Race, there’s often debate as to who should’ve won Snatch Game, but there’s no denying Bob triumphed by a LANDSLIDE.

12. Alexis Michelle – Liza Minelli (Season 9)

We waited so long for a queen to do Liza, and Alexis Michelle’s manic, over-the-top impersonation did not disappoint, leading to her first and only win of the series (so far). We’d love to see this queen return for All Stars 4, because we have a feeling her second edition of Snatch Game would be less Tatianna (All Stars 2) and more BenDeLa (All Stars 3).

11. Tatianna – Britney (Season 2)

The season two contestants had no idea what to expect when Mama Ru announced the first ever Snatch Game. Queens such as Morgan McMichaels and Sonique didn’t mock their pop star characters (Pink and Lady Gaga) out of respect. Tatianna, however, took the complete piss out of her idol Britney, and showed her Drag Race sisters that she can be as funny as she is fishy.

10. Ginger Minj – Adele (Season 7)

You know a queen is fucking talented when she can be hilarious just by uttering the words “my house”. Ginger Minj’s performance as Adele won the glamour toad her second challenge of the season, and made her a shoo-in for the top three.

9. Kennedy Davenport – Little Richard (Season 7)

Kennedy’s impersonation of Little Richard was one of the biggest surprises of season seven. Who knew the dancing diva of Texas would be so skilled at comedy? Every single “OoooOoooOOOOOooOOOOooooOOoh!” had us – and the judges – cackling, leading to the first tie in Snatch Game HERstory.

8. Aquaria – Melania Trump (Season 10)

Aquaria surprised just about everyone on season 10 when she revealed her sharp comedic talent as The First Lady, Melania Trump. Despite comedy heavyweights Miz Cracker, Monét X Change and Eureka O’Hara sitting on the panel, Aquaria managed to steal the spotlight without vying for attention. The 21-year-old proved that she’s not just a “look queen” after all…

7. Adore Delano – Anna Nicole Smith (Season 6)

Adore’s portrayal of the late Anna Nicole Smith was eerily accurate. The season six queen took inspiration from Anna’s iconic drunken speech from the 2004 American Music Awards (which you can see here), echoing lines such as: “Like my body? I’m so honoured to be in the next performer’s video, and if I ever record an album… I want this guy to produce miiiiine.” Seriously, watch that video. It’ll make you appreciate Adore’s performance so much more.

6. Katya – Bjork (All Stars 2)

Icelandic singer Bjork was an inspired – and genius – choice for fan-favourite queen, Katya, who tapped into her inner sociopath to deliver some of the show’s most laugh-out-loud answers. Raven’s facial expression when Katya replies, “remove their testicles”, says it all.

5. Chad Michaels – Cher (Season 4)

Season four featured the messiest Snatch in the history of the show. The amount of “romper-room fuckery” witnessed by queens such as Jiggly Caliente, Milan and Phi Phi O’Hara resulted in a furious Latrice Royale, who gave up half-way through. Thank god for Chad Michaels! Her incredible performance as her idol Cher featured three wig changes, and not only did she look the part, but she brought the comedy. “I’m Cher bitch!”

4. Bianca Del Rio – Judge Judy (Season 6)

Any other season, Bianca Del Rio’s spot-on impression of Judge Judy would’ve walked away with the win, but… BenDeLaCreme. The look, attitude, and the way she shut down contestants such as Gia Gunn and Laganja Estranja made for some entertaintment. Bianca’s performance was so legendary, that she reappeared as the character for season 10.

3. Jinkx Monsoon – Little Edie (Season 5)

Before Jinkx’s Little Edie impersonation, a lot of younger fans had never heard of the fashion model and cabaret performer, who was best known for her 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. The Seattle based queen cemented her status as a front-runner for the crown with her quirky impersonation, and managed to educate viewers in the process.

2. BenDeLaCreme – Maggie Smith (Season 6)

The only queen with two entries on the list, BenDeLaCreme’s impersonation of Maggie Smith’s Downton Abbey character is without a doubt, the most quotable of all time. “Excuse me, we originated the language!” is the funniest and wittiest comeback ever, and her back and forth with RuPaul was utter perfection. 

1. Alaska – Mae West (All Stars 2)

Alaska’s impersonation of American comedian Mae West showed her sisters that she was a force to be reckoned with, marking her first win of All Stars 2 (out of four). Her performance won unanimous praise from the judging panel for her quick wit and snappy comebacks, and complete commitment to the character. Ladies, this is how it’s done.

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