Instagram couple respond to gay teen they inspired to come out

Petros and Telly inspired the coming out of a gay teen

A gay couple have responded to a coming out message they inspired from a gay teen.

Two months ago, the website Guys Like U ran a story about Alex, a 16-year-old in Spain.

In it, Alex explained that he knew he was gay from the age of 12.

Spanish boy Alex came out inspirded by a couple on Instagram

Alex (Photo supplied)

‘I had met a boy who I really liked and we started going out together. We dated in secret to start with because I wasn’t ready to tell anyone that I was gay and I felt ashamed.

‘At times I was so unhappy and scared about being gay that I felt like I wanted to die. I thought that being gay was a bad thing and I was worried that my family and my friends would stop loving me because of it.’

However, that’s when Alex came across the Instagram accounts of a London-based gay couple: Petros and Telly (@petros_sp and @sold_a_telly).

Petros and Telly

Petros and Telly (Photo: @petros_sp | Instagram)

‘They looked so in love and so happy and I really wanted to experience what they had. They changed my life and inspired me, because they made me realize that two guys really can be accepted without being seen as something bad.’

Alex subsequently came out to his family. His mom took the news well. His father, who comes from a very traditional, Christian background, did not. Despite this, Alex has no regrets about coming out.

The couple at Pride in London

The couple at Pride in London in July (Photo: @petros_sp | Instagram)

‘I really feel like a new person, a happy person. I am proud of who I am and I am looking forward to living a happy life travelling, playing sports and being with my boyfriend. My life has completely changed and it’s because of seeing two boys in love online.’

Petros and Telly at the gym

(Image: @petros_sp | Instagram)

‘It’s touched our hearts to read about Alex’s story’

In a follow-up article, Petros and Telly responded to the story.

‘It’s touched our hearts to read about Alex’s story. In our eyes, he is the one we look up to. For someone to be in such a dark place and to pull themselves through and realise that friends and family are there to help.

‘We’re honoured that we were there to help (even though it was indirectly), and hope that Alex’s story inspires more people to see that being different is far from being a bad thing.’

Christian Guiltenane, the founder of Guys Like U, told GSN why he felt moved to run Alex’s coming out story.

‘When I first came across young Alex’s story about the guys on Instagram who inspired him to come out, I was so moved.

‘I was so pleased that a young guy who was bursting to come out had come across some regular guys who lived a life that he aspired to.

Telly and Petros on holiday in Madrid

Telly and Petros on holiday in Madrid (Photo: @petros_sp | Instagram)

‘Alex saw two boys very much in love. Their regularly updated posts offered him a world that he was yet to experience but wanted for himself. They are regular guys, the kind of fellas he’d see walking past him in the street.

‘This is exactly what we need in a world where a nine-year-old boy can be bullied to death because of his sexuality.

‘Having spoken to Petros and his partner, they are amazed that they have had so much of an impact on this young lad’s life.’

H/T: Guys Like U 

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Troye Sivan wants to make unapologetic ‘music for queer people’

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Troye Sivan revealed his new album will be sexier and more unapologetically gay than his last.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Dance to This singer said he won’t give in to pressure to keep things ‘mild and palatable.’

When asked if his new album Bloom (coming out this Friday 31 August) will be sexier than his last, he said: ‘I think so.’

Talking about his debut studio album Blue Neighbourhood, Sivan said this one is more ‘real’ in comparison.

He said: ‘I was a new artist — still am, but — I was new, openly gay, still young, and I just wanted to keep things as PG as I could.

‘Whereas this time, I was like, no — I want to make music for queer people.

‘I want to make music for people like me, and make something real about what’s actually going on in my life, which… it is what it is,’ he said.

Troye Sivan

Troye is already one of this year’s hottest singers. | Photo: Ted Eytan / Flickr

In fact, he also revealed one of the songs is about an old gay couple ‘getting super old and wrinkly together’.

When he wrote the lyrics for What a Heavenly Way to Die, he had the old man from the Disney movie Up in his mind. He also had the old man’s gay boyfriend in mind.

Sivan said: ‘I don’t know why I made him gay in my head, but he’s gay in my head.’

Troye Sivan: ‘I get a lot of glamour from my mom’

The Bloom singer also revealed his mom is a huge fashion inspiration to him.

When asked when he feels the most glamorous, he replied: ‘I get a lot of my glamour from my mom.’

He reveals she was a model when she was young, so he often looks at her old portfolio of photos.

He continued: ‘Sometimes I look a little like her when I’m done up, and that makes me feel pretty glam.

‘And as well, I feel most glamorous and sexy when I find that line between masculine and feminine that feels most authentically myself,’ he said.

Troye Sivan came out as gay five years ago this year.

His new song Dance to This with Ariana Grande came out in June this year. Sivan also confirmed his other latest release Bloom is about bottoming in gay sex.