Show Exposes America’s ‘Gay Cure’ Camps: WATCH

England’s Channel 4 News’ latest episode is about gay conversion therapy.

David Matheson

Among the people they profile is “the father of gay conversion therapy” David Matheson who recently renounced the therapy as harmful and is happily living as a gay man now.

While another man says “I want to see this organization shut down.” saying that he was traumatized by ‘gay conversion therapy’ he received when he was 18.

Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out said last month: “If conversion therapy does not work for authors like David Matheson who write books on the discredited practice, it is naïve to expect it to work for those reading such deceptive publications. Conversion therapy employs guilt and shame to browbeat desperate and vulnerable people into renouncing their humanity. This is the latest evidence that conversion therapy is consumer fraud and ought to be outlawed in all 50 states.”

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