Students at college in India to study 58 gender identities

The American College in Muradai, Tamil Nadu in southern India will teach about 58 different gender identities.

A famous college in southern India has introduced studies in ‘gender queer and intersex’ into its literature curriculum.

The American College in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, will teach about 58 different gender identities, the Times of India reported this weekend.

‘We want students to understand sex, gender and sexuality well, as we are all going to live together in the same society,’ the newspaper quoted head of the Tamil literature department V Prabhakaran as saying.

Students will study Gopi Shankar Madurai’s book ‘Maraikkapatta Pakkangal.’

The book includes information on 58 genders including pangender, androgyny, bigender, neutroi, retransitioners, and transbinary.

The American College is one of India’s oldest colleges and was founded in 1881.

In 2008, it led the way in transgender studies in India by including several novels and books written by activists on the subject in its curriculum.

‘Similarly, when we came across a book on the gender queer and entire LGBTQIA community in Tamil, we decided to add it to the syllabus so that people understand them better,’ said Prabhakaran, according to the Times of India.

In 2014, India allowed transgender people to change gender without reassignment surgery. India’s constitution recognizes the right to register under a third gender.

LGBTI people in India, however, face widespread stigma and discrimination.

The country’s Supreme Court is currently considering overturning a colonial-era law criminalizing same-sex sexual intercourse.

The American College did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ivanka Trump poses with pastor who thinks same-sex marriage is ‘demonic’

Ivanka Trump with pastor Jim Garlow

Ivanka Trump posed with a pastor who believes same-sex marriage is demonic and the work of the devil.

During a White House dinner with Evangelical leaders last night (27 August), Ivanka posed with Jim Garlow.

Garlow is a Senior Pastor at Skyline Church in San Diego, California.

He’s previously said: ‘If I were Satan, I would want to destroy on the earth the image of God. This is why marriage is such a hotbed issue. It’s more than just the issue of homosexuality. It’s much more than that.

‘They want to destroy the very image of God upon the planet. This is a demonic happening in our midst,’ he said.

Garlow also previously said: ‘So if I were Satan, if I were the Devil, I’d want to destroy the imagery of male and female coming together with light and joy, covenantal marriage on Earth.’

And this: ‘We have an enormous storm coming at us in homosexual marriage, unlike anything we’ve ever faced. Abortion was not this way – as horrible as abortion is – but this is the first social issue that, if we lose on, the Gospel is crushed under foot.’

Nevertheless, both Ivanka and Jarod Trump smiled along in a photo with Garlow.

This is Ivanka Trump, the same person who has previously tweeted: ‘I am proud to support my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ Americans who have made immense contributions to our society and economy.’

Garlow also posed for photos with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, as well as Kellyanne Conway.

Donald Trump reiterates anti-abortion stance

During the dinner last night, Donald Trump praised his own anti-abortion stance in a speech to the Evangelical leaders,

He said in his speech: ‘I was the first President to stand in the [White House] Rose Garden to address the March for Life.’

The March for Life is an annual rally in Washington protesting the practice and legality of abortion.

The audience cheered raucously as Donald Trump’s showed his support for anti-abortion sentiment.

They also cheered loudly for Trump’s pat on his own back about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Donald Trump also wrongly claimed he ‘stopped the Johnson Amendment’ – a piece of legislation brought in to threaten religious institutions with the loss of their tax-exempt status if they openly advocate their political views.

Although it’s true he signed an Executive Order to overrule the amendment, he does not have the ‘constitutional authority’ to eliminate the law.

Only Congress has the power to overturn the law.

Watch Donald Trump’s full speech: