Drag icon Paul O’Grady reveals heartbreak as dog Bullseye dies from seizure

Paul O Grady dog bullseye dies

Paul O’Grady has opened up about his heartbreak about the death of his dog, Bullseye.

The British drag icon and presenter, known for being a proud pup owner, revealed how his dog died on BBC Radio 2 show this weekend.

Two of his dogs live with epilepsy, with their symptoms being kept under control with medication. However, last Monday Bullseye had a ‘massive seizure’ and died on his way to the vet.

The 63-year-old said: ‘Now I will tell you my lousy news. You know that I did have an epileptic dog called Bullseye.

‘I’ve got two dogs that both have epilepsy and I’ve managed it with medication. However, on Monday night he had a massive seizure, like a really bad one that he didn’t come out of and on the way to the vets at two o’clock in the morning he died.’

‘No more dogs’

The star behind legendary drag persona Lily Savage paid tribute to his ‘lovely dog’ too. But he refuses to get another pet – as he can’t deal with the heartache anymore.

‘I can’t tell you, poor old Bullseye. He was such a lovely dog, he had a thing about doorways, you had to coax him through them and he wouldn’t go upstairs.

‘It was part of his condition I think, he was a sweet little dog and sadly missed. It’s just terrible really and I just said to [BBC Radio producer] Malcolm, “No more, that’s it Malcolm, no more animals!”

‘Maybe a mongoose might twist my arm, but no I can’t handle it, it’s what I always say; invite an animal into you rlife, inevitably you invite heartache.

‘But then why contemplate the hangover when you’re at a party, you know what I mean? So that’s the poor saga about poor old Bullseye, he’s gone but not forgotten.’

O’Grady has nine other dogs – and there was drama awaiting him when he got home from the vets. One of the other dogs got into the dark chocolate, so he had to return to the same emergency vet. Though he stresses, it wasn’t his, as he doesn’t even like chocolate.

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