Ever Wake Up ‘The Morning After’ and Wonder What Happened the Night Before? — SHORT FILM

Back in 2015, we wrote about a crowdfunding campaign for a new gay-dramedy film The Morning After.

The project came to fruition and actor/director Peru Flores (who plays Tomas) is now debuting the film in Installments on Instagram. Once all parts are released the full short film will be posted online.

Here’s the series plot: “After a night of questionable decisions, Tomas wakes up to a full day of unfortunate events. Although at times humorous, Tomas is faced with the bitter reality of his relationship with those around him-good and bad. Eager to learn what really happened, he sets out to pick up these pieces from the night before. The Morning After deals with toxic relationships and assuming the consequences to our most regrettable actions, while dealing with the LGBT subject matter that resembles real life more so than its current portrayal in the media.”

Flores said he was inspired to create the film as an alternative to the entertainment industry’s one-dimensional stereotypes and offer a diverse, representative look at our nation’s diverse culture: “The Morning After is a direct response to this problem. By creating a story that puts different characters under circumstances usually portrayed by your typical Caucasian 20-something with narrow socio-economic backgrounds, I ever so subtly aim to change the perspective that the people have of us in the media. …The Morning After is a story most of us have experienced, often regretted, but not often confess. It is my stepping stone into discovering a wide array of interesting characters that reflect the present day New York that I know to be true.” 

Check out the first two installments below, and follow Peru’s account for more.

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