John Oliver: ‘You’re Going Directly to Hell’ if You Read a Bible With Trump’s Signature on It — WATCH

John Oliver looked at Trump’s trip to visit tornado victims in Alabama, where when people asked him to sign their Bibles, he gladly did so.

“I am not remotely surprised that Trump did that,” said Oliver. “I’m just slightly confused as to why anyone would want him to, because seeing Trump’s autograph on a Bible should be like seeing a picture of your own Mom on the cover of a Penthouse magazine. It should render the whole thing useless, and if you keep reading after discovering it, you’re going directly to Hell.”

Oliver continued: “And look, some people there clearly wanted his autograph and presidents have signed Bibles before, but Trump didn’t just sign the book. He signed the cover! And it is weird to sign the cover of any book, and weirder still to sign the cover of the Bible with this signature (shows Trump’s hideous barcode scrawl). Because I don’t care what your name is, that is not how you sign something. That’s how you test if your Sharpie still has ink left before you sign something.”

Added Oliver: “I know it’s easy to make jokes about how Donald Trump doesn’t know what’s inside a Bible, but that’s only because, as we learned when he ran for president, he really has no idea what’s inside a Bible.”

Oliver then played a clip of Trump refusing to say what his favorite Bible verses are before saying he was a “probably equal” Old Testament/New Testament guy.

“That exchange is actually emblematic of something that happens a lot,” Oliver explained. “It’s Trump being a terrible human being, dangerously idiotic, and somehow undeniably funny.”

Oliver then made a point that Trump often does things that are funny, playing the moment last week when he referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook, as Tim ‘Apple’.

Said Oliver: “That is a funny mistake. It’s also genuinely worrying but it is funny. And this is something I think we all wrestle with at some point. How can a black-hearted moral vacuum somehow retain the ability to make us laugh in spite of all he’s said and done?”

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