US Naval Academy to enforce ban on trans students from 2020

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The US Naval Academy will stop accepting admissions from trans students from in 2020.

Before now, the US Naval Academy accepted trans students and retained midshipmen who began transitioning while studying at the academy.

The Defense Department confirmed the move by the academy earlier this week. The academy’s ban on accepting trans students will start from the 2020-2021 school year.

This comes after a ban on trans service members proposed by US President Donald Trump went into effect earlier this month.

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy has also said it will implement the ban on trans service members, according to the Daily Beast.  The U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Military Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy have yet to announce whether they will enforce to the ban.

A 2016 Rand Corporation survey found an estimated 10,000 trans individuals currently serving in the US military.

Scathing condemnation 

President Obama lifted restrictions on trans service people in 2016, which allowed trans people to openly serve in the US military and covered gender affirmation surgery.

However, Trump announced the ban in July 2017 in a tweet which incorrectly claimed that allowing trans troops to serve came with ‘tremendous medical costs and disruption’.

Trump later went on to push for a watered-down version which only bans openly trans people and those undergoing gender affirmation treatment.

The announcement of the ban was met with scathing condemnation from equal rights supporters. Numerous politicians and former military personnel have also expressed alarm at the move.

Six service members are currently suing the US government over the ban. This includes a current student at the US Naval Academy, Midshipman Regan Kibby.

Earlier this week it was also reported that trans student, Map Pesqueira, had lost a national three-year Reserve Officers’ Training Corps scholarship following the implementation of the ban. Pesqueira has since turned to crowdfund to help finance his studies.

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Iowa students stage walkout to protest (and support) trans student using the bathroom

Iowa students staged a walkout, both in support of and protest of, a transgender student using the restroom aligning with her gender identity

Students from Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa staged a walkout in protest (and support) of a transgender student seeking to use the girl’s restroom.

What happened?

About 60 students left their classrooms the morning of Thursday, 11 April. The students split up into two groups. Those who oppose the trans student using the restroom aligning with her gender identity, and those who support it.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that the ‘support’ group chanted things like ‘equality’. Meanwhile, the ‘oppose’ group chanted ‘We want our privacy, he is a male’ and ‘One over all is not fair’.

According to Council Bluffs Community School District Superintendent Vicki Murillo, the walkout stemmed from female students who did not feel comfortable sharing the girl’s restroom with a trans woman.

‘I was very proud of how the students peacefully conducted themselves. It’s important to us to let students express their opinions as long as it’s done in a respectful way,’ Murillo said.

The walkout, which lasted 15 minutes, did not result in any disciplinary measures for the participating students.

Policies on trans students

The Council Bluffs school district’s policy on transgender students follows the U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines, laid out in ‘Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices for Supporting Transgender Students.’

‘Schools often segregate restrooms and locker rooms by sex. But some schools have policies that students must be permitted to access facilities consistent with their gender identity and not be required to use facilities inconsistent with their gender identity or alternative facilities,’ the document reads.

Murillo states that there is a process in place between trans students and the school’s faculty to come to an understanding, allowing the students to use the facilities which align with their gender identity.

Moving forward

The school is currently working with the student in question to complete the vetting process, according to Diane Ostrowski, spokesperson for Council Bluffs Community Schools. This process may require some form of confirmation from their parents/guardians.

The high school also has gender-neutral restrooms, free for anyone to use. Additionally, counselors on staff are available to discuss gender identity and other issues with students.

‘We’ve never had an issue,’ Murillo said. She adds that no formal complaints have been filed over this situation by students, parents, or faculty.

‘We’ve had a speaker come in the past to talk with students about it. And we’re exploring the next step for more awareness.’

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Cardiff Uni cancels psychologist’s talk over anti-LGBTI education comments

Cardiff University main building

Cardiff University has canceled a talk by a psychologist following comments she made against LGBTI education.

Dr Kate Godfrey-Faussett was dropped from speaking at the university after saying LGBTI-inclusive lessons could ‘corrupt’ children.

Godfrey-Faussett is a well-known campaigner against same-sex relationship and sex education.

She had been due to speak at an event on sex education in the university hosted by the Muslim Council of Wales (MCW).

Dr Godfrey-Faussett is also under investigation by the British Psychological Society (BPS) who claim her comments ‘have the potential to undermine the public’s confidence in the psychology profession’.

‘This is ideological indoctrination’

Online clips of Dr Godfrey-Faussett’s speeches show her claiming that LGBTI education is indoctrinating and sexualizing children, and that it is an ‘assault on the family’, the Independent reports.

‘This is not education, this is ideological indoctrination that’s happening. The aim is to redefine sexuality and gender and family norms,’ she said.

A convert to Islam, Dr Godfrey-Faussett also warned of the ‘queering of the Muslim community’ and urged people to ‘work psychologically or in a mental health capacity’ with gay Muslims.

Pride Cymru, a Welsh LGBTI rights charity, sent a letter to Cardiff University, urging the officials to cancel the event.

‘We are concerned that hosting such a controversial figure in Wales may cause unwarranted distress and concern within our diverse and inclusive communities in Wales,’ the letter read.

‘We do not wish to see a spread of the deeply divisive and damaging protests as seen most recently in Birmingham, coming to Wales especially as it would be promoted by Muslim Council for Wales.’

Cardiff University said that the event ‘had not followed our booking procedure’ which result in its cancellation.

The university also emphasized that they had not organized the talk, which was being hosted by an outside organization.

In response, the MCW released a statement saying that the talk was intended to ‘provide guidance on information both on the proposed changes, but also in how to deliver relationship and sex education in line [with] Islamic teachings.’

‘There should be no question that LGBT communities in Wales should be free to live and love whom they wish, without fear of attack, censure, or abuse, and as the Muslim Council of Wales we will work to make this a reality,’ the MCW’s statement added.

Ongoing row in Birmingham 

The move comes amid an ongoing row over LGBTI-inclusivity education in the UK.

This has become a particularly divisive issue at some schools in Birmingham.

There have been numerous high-profile protests outside the Parkfield Community School due to its No Outsiders program, which teaches about same-sex relationships and gender identity.

A number of parents in the Muslim-majority area have said that primary school children are too young to learn about LGBTI issues.

A number of schools in the area have suspended their LGBTI-inclusivity lessons as a result.

However, a number of politicians and the head of the UK’s school watchdog, Ofsted, have expressed their support for LGBTI-inclusivity at schools.

LGBTI rights advocates, including LGBTI Muslim groups, have also condemned the protests.

Andrew Moffat, the teacher who introduced the No Outsiders program in Parkfield Community School, has been widely praised for his work. He was shortlisted for a global teaching award earlier this year, and was awarded an MBE for his work in 2017.

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