Gay singer claims false accusations by online trolls are ruining his career

Logan Lynn homphobia false accusations

Gay indie singer Logan Lynn claims he’s been the target of online abuse which is ruining his reputation.

Lynn, 39, says that online trolls are making unfounded accusations against him across the internet. The allegations range from child molestation to accusing him of being a serial rapist.

Talking to People, Lynn claims it began after he partnered with his friend, actor Jay Mohr, on a multimedia project called My Movie Star. It was a short film accompanied by a double album from Lynn.

Mohr appears in a full frontal nudity scene in the video. He had never appeared naked on film before.

While fans and critics praised the scene, users on a Reddit subgroup dedicated to fans of shock DJs Opie and Anthony started to send him abuse.

Jay Mohr logan lynn homophobia accusation

His friend Jay Mohr | Photo: Jay Mohr, Facebook

Alongside the above accusations, they photoshopped his face onto pornographic images, attributed racist sayings to him, and even claimed he was a member of a pro-pedophilia organization.

‘Nothing triggers toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid’

Talking to the magazine, Lynn feared what would happen to his reputation.

He said: ‘I usually try to lampoon this type of bigotry and I’ve been doing that here as much as I can.

‘But it’s hard to find a punchline in what most of these people are saying and doing. It’s really sick and I’m shocked that Reddit would allow such a large group of people to organize homophobic bullying on their site.’

Lynn says this has affected his career. A band that was touring with Lynn this year (2019) dropped out because they didn’t want to be tied to the allegations.

However, he says he’s not afraid of the trolls. He adds: ‘It’s been my experience that nothing triggers this type of toxic masculinity culture more than a gay man who isn’t afraid and I can’t think of anything I am less afraid of than a bunch of fragile dudes who can’t deal with my existence.’

Lynn, from Texas, has been active on the music scene since 1998. He is a former host of NewNowNext Music, Logo’s weekly video countdown show, and is also a lead character in show Last Meal Series.

He’s also a Chief Impact Officer for Trilliu Group, and founded the ‘Keep Oregon Well’ campaign. It hopes to eradicate the stigma around mental health.

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Ariana Grande responds to criticism she’s headlining Manchester Pride

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released a statement on Wednesday (27 February) responding people’s criticisms of her headlining Manchester Pride later this year.

Most criticism stems from Grande being straight — as far as everyone is aware — and the increase in ticket prices to the event.

In January, Manchester Pride released tickets for the August event and they more than doubled in price. The most expensive tickets are now over £70 ($93.18).

A lot of fans began speculating the price hike had to do with Grande possibly headlining, which was confirmed a few days ago.

When some fans said the increased ticket price felt like ‘exploitation’ of the LGBTI community, Grande responded. She posted a statement via the Notes app and published it on Twitter.

‘i saw many people discussing this so i wanted to chime in…. hope that’s okay,’ she wrote.

Her full statement

‘hi my love,’ she began. ‘i have nothing to do with ticket pricing — manchester pride sets those rates, and they’re mostly out of my control.’

Ariana Grande's message about Manchester Pride

Ariana Grande’s message about Manchester Pride | Photo: Twitter @arianagrande

She continued her message by stating how special and supportive the LGBTI community has been for her.

‘i want to celebrate and support this community, regardless of my identity or how people label me. and also i wanna visit a city that means so much to me.’

She went on to cite other straight artists who have performed at pride events, like Kylie Minogue and Cher.

‘i do think there’s room for us to talk about these issues with equating a performance *for* an lgbtq audience with exploitation of the lgbtq community.

‘if you truly feel like i didn’t deserve to be offered this spot, i respect that. but i did accept it excitedly and gratefully.

‘i’m not claiming to be the hero of the community or the face of the lgbtq rights movement — i just wanna put on a show that makes my lgbtq fans feel special and celebrated and supported. that’s all i wanna do.’

Grande’s history with Manchester

Most fans responded to Grande’s statement by thanking her and telling her she shouldn’t have had to explain or apologize.

Others suggested ways she could combat the high ticket prices.

Grande has an emotional history with the city of Manchester, however, and makes this discussion more nuanced.

At her May 2017 concert at Manchester Arena, there was a suicide bombing as fans were leaving the concert. Twenty-three people died, including the attacker. Another 139 were wounded, more than half of them children and younger fans.

Weeks later, Grande returned to headline the Manchester One Love concert.

Some fans believe the high ticket prices are profiting off this trauma.

This history is why Grande wrote that Manchester means a lot to her, and undoubtedly why she ‘excitedly and gratefully’ said yes to performing.

Manchester Pride takes place 23-26 August.

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Taylor Swift makes surprise appearance at gay couple’s engagement party

Taylor Swift and a couple at their engagement party

A gay couple and guests at their engagement party were treated to an unforgettable surprise appearance by the one and only Taylor Swift over the weekend.

Alexander Goldschmidt arranged the surprise for his fiancé, Ross Girard. Fortunately for the rest of the world who was not in attendance, the moment was captured on video.

‘There was a person who… sort of played a part in all of this. So I would like to welcome, and you to give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor,’ Goldschmidt told the guest gathered at the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood.

That’s when Swift walked in to gasps and cheers with her guitar slung over her shoulder.

She addressed the small crowd and told them Goldschmidt reached out to her. He explained to her what the song King of My Heart meant to him and Girard.

‘I’ve been off tour for a while but hopefully it’s still all right,’ the singer said. ‘This is from Alex. It’s sung by me, but it’s from Alex.’

She then serenaded them with the aforementioned sentimental song.

Goldschmidt posts some photos on his Instagram as well, writing: ‘She came, she sang, I’m dead.’

Girard also posted some photos, not just of the party and Swift, but the proposal as well. What a cute couple!

Of course, this now also sets the standard for every other engagement party out there…

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