Trans woman brutally attacked in Texas last month dies in shooting


A month after she was the victim of a brutal mob attack in Dallas, Texas, transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker has been found dead.

Police on Sunday (19 May) said Booker was found shortly before 7am on Saturday, according to local media.

Authorities later pronounced her dead at the scene due to ‘homicidal violence’ according to Fox News.

Police said they had made no arrests and there was no evidence linking the death to an attack last month.

She was 23.

At an emotional press conference followig the attack, Booker thanked those who had supported her and called for justice.

‘This time it was me. The next time could be someone else close to you,’ a tearful Booker said.

Mob violence

Footage shows a mob violently attacking 23-year-old Booker on 12 April following a traffic incident.

The attack left Booker seeking medical treatment at a local hospital.

The man responsible was paid $200 to do so, police later said.

Booker allegedly accidentally backed into another vehicle with two men inside while driving her car.

One of the drivers – who remains a suspect in the investigation – told police her ran Booker off the road to keep her from leaving the scene.

But Booker said the unidentified driver then pointed a gun at her and demanded money for damage to his car. Also in the car was Edward Dominic Thomas, 29.

A crowd gathered, and someone in the crowd reportedly offered Thomas $200 to assault Booker.

Thomas, dressed in all-white, descended upon her, delivering a deluge of punches. As the footage suggests, two other men joined in. One kicking her as she lay helpless in the street.

As many threw homophobic insults at her, Booker suffered a concussion, facial fractures, and a broken wrist as a result.

‘This case is certainly disturbing,’ Police Lieutenant Vincent Weddington told reporters during a press conference Monday.

‘The video, I’m sure, shocks the conscience of anyone who looks at this video.’

Police arrested Thomas two days after the incident for aggravated assault. They are currently assessing whether the incident can be considered a hate crime.

The FBI recorded 7,175 hate crimes in the US in 2017.

Among them, 1,130 were based on sexual orientation bias and 119 on gender identity bias.

And more than 100 of those victims were people of color, according to the report.

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Dutee Chand is the first openly LGBTI Indian athlete

Dutee Chand

Professional sprinter Dutee Chand has come out as bisexual and revealed she is in a relationship with a woman.

The 2018 Asian Games silver medalist is the first Indian sports star to publicly admit to being in a same-sex relationship. Chand is the current national champion in the women’s 100 metres event and is looking to take part in the next Olympics.

Dutee Chand and her soulmate

She adorably referred to her partner as her ‘soulmate’. The athlete explained her girlfriend is a student from her hometown Chaka Gopalpur in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. However, she didn’t reveal the girl’s name to avoid ‘undue attention’.

‘I have found someone who is my soul mate,’ Dutee told The Sunday Express.

She furthermore added: ‘I believe everyone should have the freedom to be with whoever they decide they want to be with. I have always supported the rights of those who want to be in a same-sex relationship. It is an individual person’s choice.’

‘Currently, my focus is on the World Championships and the Olympic Games but in the future, I would like to settle down with her.’

Chand faces her family’s opposition

Dutee explained her eldest sister strongly opposes her relationship.

‘My eldest sister kind of wields power and authority in my family. She has thrown out my elder brother from home because she does not like his wife. She has threatened me that same will happen to me,’ she explained.

Chand then added: ‘She feels that my partner is interested in my property. She has told me that she will send me to jail for having this relationship.’

‘But I am also an adult who has individual freedom. So, I decided to go ahead with this and make it public.’

LGBTI rights in India

Indian Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex in September 2018.

Five Supreme Court judges ruled Section 377 of the Penal Code was unconstitutional. They also said it violated the right to privacy.

But not everyone in India welcomed the ruling and campaigners said decriminalization in the courts was just the beginning of LGBTI equality.

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge opens up on being gender-nonconforming as a kid

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag

Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge has opened up on being gender-nonconforming when she was a child.

The English actress and screenwriter behind the multi-awarded series Killing Eve has revealed she used to dress as a boy. She also said she shaved her head and wanted her parents and friends to call her Alex.

‘I remember growing up up until I was about – when I was about 11, 12 was when I started dropping Alex, and I was Phoebe again. But I just thought they just had more fun,’ she said in an interview with NPR.

‘I just wanted to be out climbing the trees and wearing comfortable clothes. And, you know, it didn’t feel like it was for me. And a lot of my friends were really into the dresses and the dolls and all that kind of stuff. It just wasn’t my bag. And the only – and it just seemed so – you kind of had to choose one or the other at that time.’

‘I just desperately wanted to be a boy,’ says Phoebe Waller-Bridge

‘And I just definitely wanted to be climbing the trees and that kind of thing. So I had a friend called Maria. And we both had really short and, yeah, shaved it at one point and wore boxer shorts and swimming trunks. And we were just boys,’ Phoebe Waller-Bridge also said.

‘I remember going into Gap once when I was about 7 and the guy coming up to me when I was with my mum and said, so what does the young man want? And I was like, yeah – convinced.’

She also said her parents were accepting and they would be even today.

‘I think my parents would’ve been exactly the same. You know, and they never had an issue with it. They never – they were just sort of like, sure. You’re Alex. Let’s take you to Gap, Alex. And I just remember it never being a problem,’ she explained.

‘I mean, there’s, you know, the tomboy kind of thing. I mean, I wonder now if I had back then – if I had – because I was very, very fervent about it when I was younger, as well. It was like I just desperately wanted to a boy more than anything else. If it had been taken seriously maybe by my school or something and I’d spoken about those options – those options had been given to me – I probably would’ve jumped at it.’

She furthermore added: ‘But I don’t think my parents would’ve been any different. I think they’re just like, live and let live. And so I was very, very happy being a girl dressed as a boy as long as I was allowed to express myself that way and allowed to change my name and stuff. They were like, yeah, whatever makes you happy.’

Transphobic coverage

Waller-Bridge’s remarks sparked a conversation about gender-nonconforming and transgender kids.

Some British news outlets tried to sensationalize the story, using parts of her full interview.

‘Her comments will reignite the debate about whether tomboyish girls are being encouraged to see themselves as trans,’ an article in the right-wing British newspaper Daily Mail reads.

But fans of Waller-Bridge’s are not having it.

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