Non-gender specific birth certificates to be used for same-sex couples in Ireland

A mother and son

Same-sex parents in Ireland will be able to list themselves as ‘parent’ on their child’s birth certificate.

This amendment to the law is designed to accommodate to same-sex couples, allowing both partners to register on their child’s birth certificate.

Under the current system, birth certificates only include the categories ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’.

Birth certificates for donor-assisted children born to same-sex couples currently only allow one mother to be listed.

‘Introduced as soon as possible’

Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty said that allowing to the option of ‘parent’ would resolve such issues, saying implementing the bill would be prioritized.

‘While the changes proposed will affect a relatively small number of people, they touch on matters that are very sensitive and of great importance to those families affected,’ Doherty said.

‘I have met with and spoken to many affected by this issue and I am now very pleased to be able to bring these changes forward as a priority to ensure that they can be introduced as soon as possible.’

The case had been raised in the Dáil (the Lower House of the Irish parliament) last year, according to

Politician Richard Boyd Barrett said that a pregnant woman had contacted him with concerns about her wife not being able to register on their child’s birth certificate.

The completed bill will go before the Houses of the Oireachtas in the spring.

Increase in LGBTI rights in Ireland

Ireland has seen a vast increase in LGBTI rights over past years, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015.

In 2016, the Irish government published a bill which allows same-sex partners to adopt, which was signed into law the following year.

Politicians in the country have also become increasingly vocal in support LGBTI rights.

In August 2018, Ireland’s former president and ardent LGBTI rights supporter Mary McAleese condemned the Catholic Church for its ’emotional torture’ of LGBTI youths.

In the same month, Ireland’s Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar, lambasted the Catholic Church for its child abuse scandal during a visit by the pope.

Varadkar is Ireland’s first openly gay leader.

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David’s Bridal include same-sex couple in latest TV ad

David's Bridal

One of the biggest bridal retailers in the US has included a same-sex couple in their latest television ad.

David’s Bridal will air a series of videos for their upcoming ad campaign.

The retailer’s focus on the LGBTI market comes after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2018.

The business is currently undergoing restructuring in order to stay afloat.

David’s Bridal latest ad campaign is a move to try and capitalize on non-traditional weddings – a market the company has struggled to reach in the past.

‘We wanted to make sure this spot represented what we see from brides today. We value every type of bride,’ says Liz Crystal, the company’s chief marketing officer.

The US Supreme Court’s legalized marriage equality in 2015. Since then, the same-sex marriage industry has been booming.

Same-sex weddings have contributed around $1.6 billion to the US economy, AdAge reports.

The videos will appear on TV slots and online.

Struggled to adapt to modern times

The company’s ad campaign suggests a move to reinvent the image of the formal wedding attire for same-sex weddings.

David’s Bridal has been a cornerstone of the wedding industry in the US for years, offering cheap and efficient services.

Self-billed as the ‘United States’ largest bridal retailer’, David’s Bridal claim to have provided dresses for one in three weddings in the country.

However, the traditional wedding clothier has struggled to keep up with modern trends.

This includes the ‘casualization’ of weddings, a trend where couples eschew traditional and more formal wedding clothing in favor of more casual attire.

‘I feel we owe this shift a lot to same-sex weddings,’ Brittney Drye, editor of Love Inc., told the Washington Post last year.

The wedding industry is extremely heteronormative, so as more same-sex couples started getting married during the marriage equality movement, they had to come up with their own rules for many traditions and styles.’

‘This opened the floodgates to all couples wanting to create a day that was representative of them.’

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Vietnam’s largest jewelry company launch LGBTI-inclusive ad campaign

True Love campaign Phu Nhuan Jewelry

Vietnam’s largest jewelry retailers have launched a pro-LGBTI ad campaign.

A same-sex couple feature in a video for the ‘True Love’ campaign for Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ), in collaboration with advertising agency, Mirum Vietnam.

In a video for the campaign, opens with the text ‘Based on true stories’, and showcases couples wearing wedding and engagement rings.

Around two-thirds of the way through, it shows a male couple setting up a tent on a camping trip.

They then stop to look at a rainbow before holding hands in front of a campfire.

The video also includes a range of body-shapes and sizes, and ends with the line ‘The true beauty of love’.

Comments below the video in Vietnamese are overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the inclusion of a same-sex couple.

Cultural stigmas remain

Though often criticized for the woeful records of human rights and free speech, Vietnam is widely considered one of the more progressive countries in Southeast Asia with regards to LGBTI rights.

There are no laws forbidding homosexuality, and the government passed a landmark law in 2015 which legally recognizes trans people.

However, there remain numerous socio-cultural obstacles facing the country’s LGBTI community.

Many people in Vietnam still consider LGBTI rights as a social stigma or as ‘western values’.

This remains particularly in Vietnam’s rural areas, which are more conservative areas.

There are also few anti-discrimination laws in Vietnam to protect LGBTI people in the workplace.

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