Nine percent of Japan’s population is LGBT, research finds

Research has found 8.9 percent of Japan’s population identify as LGBT.

Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency, surveyed 60,000 Japanese residents between the ages of 20 and 59 in October 2018.

Importantly, 8.9 percent identified as LGBTI. What’s more, this is up from 7.6 percent in 2015 and 5.1 percent in 2012.

Half of LGBT people surveyed told Dentsu they had not come out at work. Eighty percent approved of same-sex marriage.

October’s survey also revealed 70 percent of people had heard of the term LGBT.

Interestingly, however, 80 percent of respondents said they agreed with same-sex marriage.

Law suits and protests

Japan’s largely conservative society does not allow same-sex marriage.

What’s more, there is no nationwide legislation to protect LGBTI people from discrimination based on their sexuality or gender identity.
But, a growing number of cites throughout Japan have allowed same-sex couples to officially register with their local municipal governments under the partnership oath system.

Last month, however, ten couples announced they would be suing the government for its stance on marriage equality.

They claim government’s stance is unconstitutional.

‘We want our call to be widespread so that the freedom to marry will be recognized for everyone,’ one of the lawyers involved told the Japan Times.

Meanwhile, two Japanese women plan to marry 26 times to protest the situation in their home country.

Last week, a ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker, Katsuei Hirasawa, came under fire for saying the nation would ‘collapse’ if everyone was LGBTI.

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This is what women get out of having MMF threesomes

People in bed together

New research from an academic at Birmingham City University has shed light on women’s thoughts and experiences during male-male-female (MMF) threesomes.

Ryan Scoats published research on this topic recently.

One of the main takeaways he found was that women are interested in, and react positively to, men sexually interacting with one another during their threesomes.

Vice published the press release, which explained that ‘while threesomes involving two men and one woman were often stigmatised by participants, more women were interested in experiencing the act than not’.

Here’s more information

Scoats interviewed 16 women who had all experienced at least one mixed-sex threesome. Almost 20% of them said they participated in a MMF threesome, with a desire to experience one again.

A further 37% said they wanted to participate in one.

Women gave the reasons of their own sexual arousal and decreasing their own objectification for wanting to see men sexually interact during a threesome.

‘The majority of women interviewed highlighted that they gained sexual pleasure from watching two males interact sexually, describing this as “quite hot”,’ the press release said.

One woman explained ‘it was maybe more me that wanted to do it, and see [my partner] with another guy’.

Scoats concludes: ‘The research suggests that the stigma around two male, one female threesomes is diminishing and that women are increasingly comfortable pursuing the type of sex they desire.’

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