Lesbian porn is the most popular category among women worldwide

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Popular porn site Pornhub released information for International Women’s Day (8 March) revealing insights into the viewing habits of women.

One of the main takeaways from their full report is how popular lesbian porn is among women. In fact, it’s 151% more popular among women than men.

Lesbian porn is the top category among women in numerous countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and a majority of other European countries and North America.

Top porn categories for women worldwide

Top porn categories for women worldwide | Photo: Pornhub

Other places have different top categories, however. In numerous Asian countries, for example, the top category is Japanese porn, while in Russia and beyond, it’s hentai.

The popularity of lesbian porn is also seen when looking specifically at the United States. It’s the main category viewed by women in a majority of the 50 states.

Top porn categories for women in the US

Top porn categories for women in the US | Photo: Pornhub

Differences among women’s viewing habits become more apparent when Pornhub analyzed the relative categories women are more likely to search and watch.

What are women’s specific porn interests?

Pornhub looked at the top 20 countries of their site, which account for 71% of all their women viewers.

When looking at relative categories, women in the US were 102% more like to watch ebony porn than in other countries. In the UK, women are 474% more likely to watch British porn, while in India, women watch romantic porn at a higher rate of 180%.

The biggest gaps are among nationality.

In Germany, for example, women are 1,222% more likely to watch German porn. The same goes for women in France with French porn (1,131%) and Indian women with Indian porn (1,787%).

There are similar varieties and differences among women in the US.

The map below shows the top relative categories for each state.

Top porn categorgies state-by-state

Top porn categorgies state-by-state | Photo: Pornhub

In North Dakota, women are 76% more into cosplay porn videos, while women in Oklahoma watch more porn of tattooed women.

Search terms also differ from state-to-state.

Women in Montana are 99% more into searching ‘surprise anal’ compared to women in Maine who are 91% more into ‘glory hole’.

Finally, Pornhub also analyzed the differences in porn categories between women of different ages. These were their findings:

18 to 24: Hentai (+81%)
25 to 34: Tattooed Women (+32%)
35 to 44: Double Penetration (+29%)
45 to 54: Mature (+39%)
55 to 64: Vintage (+78%)
65+: Handjob (+143%)

The site’s 2018 Year in Review shows statistics about women compared to other viewing groups.

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