Indonesian police going to court alleging he was fired for being gay

Two Indonesian police officers on patrol (Photo: Wikipedia)

An Indonesian police officer who alleges he was fired because he’s gay is taking the police force to court.

Known as Brigadier TT, local media reports the 30-year-old was dishonorably discharged due to his sexuality in 2017.

He is now taking the Central Java force to court over the dismissal.

Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, except for in one state with sharia law.

But, since 2016, Islamic fundamentalism has fueled anti-LGBTI rhetoric and policies from the nation’s leaders.

Police reportedly arrested Brigadier TT in 2017 under suspicion of extortion.

‘But during the interrogation, [TT] was instead questioned about his sexual orientation, which they said was deviant. There is actually no such thing as a deviant sexual orientation. [TT] only has a sexual orientation that puts him in the minority,” TT’s attorney, Ma’ruf Bajammal, told Suara.

An ethics committee ruled to dishonorably discharge him in October that year.

Employers formally ejected him from the force In December 2018. He had served for 10 years.

National Police Spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo defended the decision.

It was a police officer’s duty to adhere to ‘legal norms and observe religious norms, polite behavior, moral standards, as well as uphold human rights’ he told Suara.

LGBTI life in Indonesia

Muslim-majority Indonesia is one of the worst places to be gay in Asia.

Religious and political leaders have been whipping up hatred against the LGBTI community for the last three years.

The crackdown has seen police raids on LGBTI clubs and saunas, publications, and even HIV charities.

While there is no national law against gay sex, authorities have introduced local by-laws to drive out their LGBTI populations or used archaic pornography laws to prosecute.

That’s why most remain in the closet, living in fear.

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Nevada bans gay and trans panic defenses

The Nevada State Senate has banned the gay and trans panic defenses

The state of Nevada has officially banned the so-called gay and trans panic defense.

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Last month, the State Senate introduced a bill to prohibit the use of certain defenses based on a victim’s actual or perceived gender or sexual orientation in criminal cases. As of Tuesday, 14 May, that bill was officially signed into law.

Nevada is the fourth state to ban this type of criminal defense after California, Rhode Island, and Illinois.

According to Briana Escamilla, the Nevada state director for the Human Rights Campaign, it was ‘long past time’ for this law to be enacted.

‘These “defenses” send the destructive message that LGBTQ victims are less worthy of justice and their attackers justified in their violence,’ Escamilla told NBC News in an email.

‘Every victim of violent crime and their families deserve equal justice, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.’

The Bill

The bill, known as Senate Bill 97, was initially proposed by the Nevada Youth Legislature. The Nevada Youth Legislature is a state program giving high school students the opportunity to propose legislation.

The text of Senate Bill 97 states that the ‘“gay panic” and “trans panic” defenses appeal to irrational fears and hatred of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons. Thereby undermining the legitimacy of criminal prosecutions and resulting in unjustifiable acquittals or sentencing reductions.’

Olivia Yamamoto, the chair of the Nevada Youth Legislature, introduced the bill after her friend was murdered. Her classmate, Giovanni Melton (age 14), was killed by his father after he discovered Giovanni had a boyfriend. His former foster mother said the father ‘would rather have a dead son than a gay son.’

Why it matters

‘These bills that the students propose in the Nevada Youth Legislature have real impact,’ said former Nevada state Senator Valerie Wiener. ‘They reflect what they’re experiencing and how courageous they are.’

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Dutee Chand is the first openly LGBTI Indian athlete

Dutee Chand

Professional sprinter Dutee Chand has come out as bisexual and revealed she is in a relationship with a woman.

The 2018 Asian Games silver medalist is the first Indian sports star to publicly admit to being in a same-sex relationship. Chand is the current national champion in the women’s 100 metres event and is looking to take part in the next Olympics.

Dutee Chand and her soulmate

She adorably referred to her partner as her ‘soulmate’. The athlete explained her girlfriend is a student from her hometown Chaka Gopalpur in the eastern Indian state of Odisha. However, she didn’t reveal the girl’s name to avoid ‘undue attention’.

‘I have found someone who is my soul mate,’ Dutee told The Sunday Express.

She furthermore added: ‘I believe everyone should have the freedom to be with whoever they decide they want to be with. I have always supported the rights of those who want to be in a same-sex relationship. It is an individual person’s choice.’

‘Currently, my focus is on the World Championships and the Olympic Games but in the future, I would like to settle down with her.’

Chand faces her family’s opposition

Dutee explained her eldest sister strongly opposes her relationship.

‘My eldest sister kind of wields power and authority in my family. She has thrown out my elder brother from home because she does not like his wife. She has threatened me that same will happen to me,’ she explained.

Chand then added: ‘She feels that my partner is interested in my property. She has told me that she will send me to jail for having this relationship.’

‘But I am also an adult who has individual freedom. So, I decided to go ahead with this and make it public.’

LGBTI rights in India

Indian Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex in September 2018.

Five Supreme Court judges ruled Section 377 of the Penal Code was unconstitutional. They also said it violated the right to privacy.

But not everyone in India welcomed the ruling and campaigners said decriminalization in the courts was just the beginning of LGBTI equality.

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