Gay wrestler finds used condom under boyfriend’s bed – then this happened

Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano

How would you feel if you found a used condom beneath your boyfriend’s bed? A condom you were pretty certain had nothing to do with you? That appears to be the situation that gay, pro-wrestler Anthony Bowens found himself in recently.

What happens is the subject of the latest video on the YouTube channel he runs with partner, Michael Pavano.

The used condom was a prank. Pavano wanted to get his own back on Bowens, 28, who pranked him last summer with some fart powder in their car.

To get his revenge, Pavano took a condom, put some suitably semen-like lotion inside, and left it by some shoes just under his bed. He then set up a camera to catch what happened.

Calm but shaken

Bowens comes into the bedroom and wants to find a phone charger. Pavano tells him to look for an extension cable beneath the bed. He duly finds the condom and immediately questions Pavano about it.

Bowens, as Pavano predicts, stays remarkably calm. However, he’s clearly unhappy as he contemplates the fact his boyfriend may have had sex with someone else – despite Pavano’s denials.

If you’ve ever discovered that a partner cheated on you, this part of the video may touch a nerve. It appears to have done so with some viewers. Although many find it funny, others have labelled it ‘mean’.

‘Those kind of relationship pranks are so not funny… just cruel.,’ commented pixelkat1819 on YouTube.

Anthony Bowens Michael Pavano video comment 1

‘You really hurt his feelings,’ added Vinci DeLaunc. Both comments received upvotes.

Anthony Bowens Michael Pavano video comment 2

Other praised Bowens’ composure. Others thought Pavano brave for playing such a prank on a boyfriend who happens to be a wrestler and who could have flipped out.

Fortunately, Pavano reveals the prank after a minute and a visibly relieved Bowens tussles with him. But he still appears a little shaken.

‘I appreciated the concern from everyone’

Today, both men assured Gay Star News there was no cruel intentions behind the prank.

‘It is so heartwarming knowing how many people care about the dynamics of our relationship,’ Michael Pavano said. ‘When we agreed to start pranking each other, we both knew what we were getting ourselves into.

‘Neither one of us sat down and put limitations on what’s OK to prank about and what not because we have a mutual understanding that we would never let things get too far and keep our relationship’s best interest in mind.’

‘I appreciated the concern from everyone,’ added Bowens. ‘It’s very moving that our viewers love and care about us but I’m totally fine! When the camera’s stopped rolling, I laughed because I couldn’t believe he pulled it off so well. Especially since I had been poking fun at him for months that he would never be able to. That’s the kind of relationship we have.’

What would they say to people who called the prank mean or cruel?

‘I mean technically, it is pretty mean pulling a cheating prank on someone but we have the ability to laugh at ourselves which we think is very important and also plays a big role on how strong our relationship is,’ said Pavano. ‘Everyone’s relationship is different, and it’s up you to know your significant other’s limits.’

Bowens says he is already plotting another prank on Pavano to get him back.

Coming out

Bowens saw his profile rocket a couple of years ago when he came out as bisexual. Last week, he posted a new video to announce that he no longer identifies as bisexual and prefers the label gay – if he needs to be labelled at all.

He and Pavano have been dating since summer 2016. They met via Instagram. At the time, Pavano, a personal trainer and YouTuber, was in an on-off relationship with someone else. He didn’t go on his first date with Bowens until he’d ended the relationship with his ex, as revealed in a previous video.

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Wrestler Anthony Bowens comes out again – as gay not bisexual

Anthony Bowens and boyfriend Michael Pavano

Two years ago, professional wrestler Anthony Bowens came as as bisexual. Last night, he came out again: as gay.

For many people, discovering themselves remains a lifelong journey. In postings on social media, Bowens, 28, revealed more of his own journey over recent months.

‘In short, just about two years ago I came out as bisexual which was truely [sic] how I viewed myself at the time. However, over the last six months or so I’ve started to less identify less and less with that label to the point where it doesn’t feel like “me” anymore.

‘As people move on in their lives, the way they view the world and themselves tends to change and I’m no different. Which is why if you are to label me, I prefer to identify as gay.’

Bowens says he offers more of an explanation in a video he has made with his boyfriend, Michael Pavano.

‘There will be a mixed range of reactions and I address each one of them in the video,’ says Bowens. ‘But anyway, thank you to everyone for reading and your continued support of Michael and I. I’m looking forward to continuing to entertain you in 2019 whether that be on YouTube, the ring, or beyond!’

‘I really didn’t know much about the LGBTQ community’

In the video, Bowens addresses some of the questions he believes some people might have – and some of the potential criticism.

Firstly, he didn’t originally come out as bisexual ‘to hide the fact’ he’s gay.

He says he never had a moment of clarity when he was younger that told him he was gay. He was primarily interested in women.

‘I really didn’t have a thought of men until maybe midway through high school, towards the latter end, I had a dream about one of my friends. But after that dream I was like, “Ooooh. Something’s different here.” … And then I identified myself then as liking both genders.

‘I came out as bisexual, which … was a very real thing. I identified as bisexual because I really didn’t know much about the LGBTQ community. I didn’t really dive into much because I was closeted. So the closest thing that I knew that I could relate to based upon that time period of my life was bisexual.

‘The way you look at yourself changes’

‘As you get older, your viewpoints change,’ he explains. ‘The way you look at the world changes, the way you look at yourself changes.

‘Specifically more so in the past couple of months, this past year, I was looking back at some old articles of mine because I was coming up with a new character for my wrestling career. And the articles kept labelling me as bisexual, and it was kind of annoying me that they had to continually put what I was, I couldn’t just be a professional wrestler, he’s the “bisexual pro wrestler”, but I just wasn’t identifying with that term any more.’

He goes on to say that his relationship with Pavaro has had an impact on the way he defines himself. The two met in the summer of 2016.

‘I’m in love with Michael. I want to marry Michael. I’m picturing myself being with a man for the rest of my life, so the term bisexual just felt less and less me the more time went on. And I now feel more comfortable labelling myself as gay.’

Biphobia among gay people

Bisexual people often experience biphobia or stigma within gay communities, or can even find themselves viewed with suspicion or distrust. Bowens is aware that some people may use his coming out as gay to support their own prejudices towards bisexual people. He says it must not be taken that way.

‘There are people who truly do identify as bisexual. And there are some people out there who will use that just because they are afraid to say that they’re gay, but not everybody’s like that, and I don’t think they should be judged for it because everybody has their own way of figuring themselves out.

‘Please don’t be a hypocrite. I think it’s very hypocritical as people who identify as LGBT who get judged by a lot of people about our lifestyle, then turn around and judge others in the same community…. I don’t understand why that happens or how that happens, but it does.

‘And I think you are a part of the problem if you are one of those people. So please do not be a hypocrite.’

Positive reaction

Reactions to Bowens announcement on social media have been overwhelmingly positive.

‘The LGBT Community is often referred to as an accepting community but sometimes it couldn’t be further from the truth. People need to learn to just be people. I am happy for you and your future,’ said Neil Allen on YouTube.

‘Dude… I get it,’ said @AnitaChainsaw on Twitter. ‘I’m still figuring out my gender identity at fucking 34. We all change and find what fits us best over time, and whatever you think works best for you, I wish you all the happiness in the world.’

‘No greater feeling then learning more about yourself and who your true self is,’ said Kevin Nicholls on Facebook. ‘No need to apologize to anyone and what an exciting time it must be for you to continue to grow and develop into your full self. Congrats.’

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