Nevada bans ‘gay panic’ defense

Nevada State Senate (Photo: Nevada State Govt)

The Nevada State Senate on Wednesday (17 April) passed a bill banning the so-called ‘gay panic’ or ‘trans panic’ defense in the state.

Bill 97 ‘prohibits use in a criminal case of certain defenses based on the sexual orientation or gender identity or expression of the victim’.

It was passed by 19 for to 2 against.

Panic defenses have come under fire in the US.

A defendant can use the defense in court. They claim to have acted in a state of ‘violent temporary insanity’ because of unwanted same-sex sexual advances.

It is still legal in at least 45 states. Rhode Island last year banned the practice.

LGBTI rights group, Human Rights Campaign, welcomed the news.

It called it a ‘vital measure to ensure victims of violent crimes and their families receive equal justice regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity’.

Gay panic defense

The controversial ‘gay panic’ defense first surfaced in the US in the 1960s. The defense partially or completely excuse crimes such as murder and assault.

Many countries around the world have barred using the defense along with the ‘trans panic defence’.

In 2013, the American Bar Association’s (ABA) House of Delegates voted to approve a resolution against the use of the defenses.

‘The ABA’s adoption of this measure sends a clear message to state legislatures that legal professionals find no validity in the sham defenses,’ said then executive director of the National LGBT Bar Association, D’Arcy Kemnitz.

‘Too many people have hidden for far too long behind baseless “panic” defenses.’

‘Judges, lawmakers and juries must demand that these practices come to an end and juries must be provided with instructions advising juries to make their decisions free of improper bias and prejudice.’

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Republican support for LGBTI people dropped since Trump presidency

Donald Trump republican lgbti laws

Fewer Republicans support laws protecting LGBTI people than before Trump became president, a new survey has found.

Across all demographics, geographical location, and party lines, the majority of Americans are in favor of laws that stop LGBTI people from being discriminated in the job market, public accommodations and housing.

The research, conducted by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) – a nonprofit that researches changes across cultural, religious and political landscapes – asked 40,292 people whether they strongly favor, favor, oppose, or strongly oppose the protections.

It found Democrats (79%), Independents (70%) and Republicans (56%) all favored the laws.

While a majority of Republicans still supported the laws, this has dropped significantly from 2015, where support was at 61%.

Among Republican voters, those who self-identify as moderate Republicans (69%) are more likely to favor nondiscrimination laws than both self-identified liberal Republicans (59%) or conservative Republicans (53%).

Meanwhile, conservative Democracts (61%) are about as likely as liberal Republicans to favor the laws and less likely than self-described moderate ones.

Along the same lines, people who univerally identify as liberals (81%), moderates (76%) and conservatives (55%) all favor nondiscrimination protections.

Geographical and religious splits 

The research also says that across all states, the majority of people support protections for LGBTI people. This includes deeply conservative states like South Carolina (58%) and Kentucky (59%).

Support for these laws among New Age religions (86%), Jews (80%), Hindus (79%) is stronger than those of both religiously unaffiliated (78%) and Buddhists (75%).

White evangelical Protestants (54%) and Jehovah’s Witnesses (53%) are the least likely to support these laws.

The data was collected from a 7-question questionnaire asked between 15 March 2018 to 16 December 2018.

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