Lena Waithe: ‘I like the idea of a really gay ass black person hosting the Oscars’

Lena Waithe has shared her thoughts on who should host the 2019 Oscars

Actress, screenwriter, and producer Lena Waithe has shared her thoughts about Kevin Hart. Plus, she opened up about who would be her choice to host the 2019 Oscars.

Kevin Hart controversy

At the Golden Globes last Sunday (6 January), Waithe spoke to Variety about the controversy surrounding Kevin Hart and who will end up hosting the Oscars this year.

‘We gotta make sure that the gay community is no longer the butt of the joke,’ Waithe said. ‘I think we gotta make this a teachable moment.’

‘I don’t think [Hart] understood the ramifications of what he said,’ she added. ‘We should stand firm in what we did and try to challenge everybody else not to do that kind of thing anymore.’

Wanda Sykes as Oscars Host

In her ideal world, the host of the 91st Academy Awards (taking place on 24 February) would be ‘a really gay ass black person.’ She suggested comedian Wanda Sykes.

‘I like the idea of a really gay ass black person hosting,” she says. “Wanda would be amazing.’

Wanda Sykes happens to be on GSN’s list of 13 LGBTI people we’d like to see host the award show.

Pose and LGBTI Representation

Additionally, Waithe spoke to GLAAD about Ryan Murphy’s hit FX show Pose. The groundbreaking show was nominated for two Golden Globe awards. Pose features a diverse cast, which Waithe believes is important for LGBTI representation.

‘There’s a lot of kids that watch that show and it’s changing lives, so let’s continue to do that,’ Waithe said about the need for more shows like Pose.

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Kevin Hart should ‘acknowledge the pain of other people’, says Terry Crews

Terry Crews closeup shot he is looking up to his right and is smiling

Actor Terry Crews has weighed in on the controversy surrounding his friend, Kevin Hart.

Crews, who is known for his roles in TV show Brooklyn 99 and The Expendables film series, spoke about comedian Hart’s response after it was revealed he had posted homophobic tweets ten years ago.

Hart dropped out of Oscar hosting duties after the tweets triggered public backlash.

Speaking with Buzzfeed AM to PM, Crews said he was sympathetic to what his friend was going through.

But Crews also said that being so defensive did not help matters.

‘The truth is, Kevin, you’re not being attacked.’

Crews said that he recognised acting in a defensive manner when feeling threatened, likening it to arguing with his wife.

‘Then all of a sudden you can get hardened,’ Crews said.

He went on to say that Hart should learn to listen more and acknowledge what people are saying.

‘But the hard part is when you put down the defenses and you say, “Wait a minute, I’m not listening.” He feels like he’s being attacked. But the truth is, he’s not,’ Crews said.

‘The truth is, Kevin, you’re not being attacked. The truth is you have to just acknowledge what went on and acknowledge the pain of other people. That’s all anybody’s asking for. That’s it,’ he added.

Having apologised a number times while the controversy was ongoing, earlier this week Hart had said he was ‘over’ the controversy surrounding his tweets.

Not alone

Crews is far from the first person to speak up about Hart’s tweets and Oscar duties.

Ellen DeGeneres spoke to Hart on her talk show last week, saying she believed in forgiveness and that the Academy should reinstate Hart as Oscars host.

In response, CNN anchor Don Lemon called on Hart to ‘be a better role model to black LGBT youths’ in an almost 10-minute segment during CNN Tonight.

Saturday Night Live alumni Michael Che was one of the comedians who came to the defense of Hart. Actor and comedian Billy Eichner had suggested ‘toxic masculinity’ was at play before reaffirming his support for LGBTI representation.

Hart’s dropping out as the Oscar host has also caused headlines, with the organizers struggling to find a replacement to step in to fill his shoes.

Lists of possible LGBTI candidates have begun circulating.

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Kevin Hart: ‘I’m not hosting Oscars’ and am ‘over’ tweet controversy

Kevin Hart on Good Morning America

Kevin Hart today stated he is definitely not going to host the Oscars. He made the comments on Good Morning America.

Hart was announced as the host of the 2019 Oscars ceremony late last year. Almost immediately, old tweets surfaced in which he joked that he would beat any son of his who showed signs of being gay.

Hart has previously addressed the tweets, but initially refused to bow to pressure from the Academy Awards to apologize for them. Then he announced he would step down from hosting duties, and apologized.

The controversy has continued to dog him. Last week, chat show host Ellen DeGeneres came to his defense. She suggested people needed to show Hart forgiveness.

DeGeneres urged the Academy Awards to reinstate him as host. She told Hart she had spoken to representatives of the Academy and they had indicated they would still like him to host. This led many to speculate that he might return to oversee the event. Hart himself said he was assessing the situation.

Yesterday, Hart issued another apology over the tweets, saying, ‘Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.’

He also called on the LGBTQ community to accepted he had changed.

‘I’m not hosting the Oscars this year’

However, if his apologies were made in order to reclaim the Oscars gig, he today suggested that boat had sailed. He said there would not be time to prepare for the gig even if he wanted to do so.

In a tense interview with Michael Strahan, Hart said ‘no’ when asked if he would emcee the event.

‘I’m not hosting the Oscars this year.’

He also said he was ‘done’ with the controversy over his past tweets – which date back to 2011.

‘For the last time I’m addressing it.

‘I’m over it … There’s no more conversation about it … I’m over that, I’m over the moment.’

Strahan pushed Hart to explain how he has ‘evolved’ on the subject, but Hart refused to be drawn.

‘I’m not giving no more explanation of who I am. I’m just done.

‘If you didn’t [hear the apology], I don’t know what you’re looking for. I’m a good person, I love to love, if you don’t see that then it’s a problem with you.’

The interview was ostensibly to promote Hart’s new film, The Upside.

No new host yet announced by Academy

The 91st Academy Awards take place 25 February 2019. As yet, no replacement host has been announced. There has been some speculation the Academy may use multiple hosts instead of relying on one.

If they want any LGBTI suggestions, Gay Star News has assembled some here!

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