Before One Day At A Time: 8 queer shows canceled by Netflix


Despite a campaign on social media to save the show, Netflix announced it will not be renewing One Day At A Time on 14 March.

The show about ‘an American familia’ features a lesbian character in a relationship with a non-binary person. ODAAT was not only praised for its positive representation of the LGBTI community, but also for tackling issues such as sexual consent, homophobia, and racism.

Many in the show’s loyal fanbase took to Twitter to criticize Netflix for the decision. Some pointed out that canceling similar shows conveys the message that certain narratives don’t matter.

The LGBTI series starring Justina Machado and Rita Moreno isn’t the first of its kind to have been axed by the streaming giant.

Throughout the years, we had to say goodbye to several queer shows due to lack of viewers or non-sustainable production costs.

1 Sense8

Sense8 group

The popular 2015 sci-fi drama features eight characters of different sexualities and gender identities who find out they are mentally and emotionally linked.

Applauded for its diversity, the show created by trans sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski cast trans actress Jamie Clayton in the role of Nomi Marks. Alongside Clayton, several actors of different ethnic background also starred.

When Netflix abruptly canceled the series in 2017, fans protested on social media. Their Twitterstorm earned the show a two-and-a-half-hour series finale featuring the most sensuous orgy scene.

2 Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks gay comedy Netflix series

Set in the real-life town of Boring, Oregon, in 1996, Everything Sucks! focuses on a bunch of annoying high school kids struggling with first love.

One of the main characters, sophomore Kate (Peyton Kennedy), develops a crush on drama club queen Emaline.

A failed, premature attempt to recreate a sense of nostalgia for the 1990s, the show got axed after just one season. Let’s face it, despite the same-sex storyline, Everything Sucks!… sucked.

3 The Get Down

'My turn'

Starring Jaden Smith, the series is set in the late 1970s and offers a portrayal of the rising hip hop and disco scene.

Baz Luhrmann’s musical drama also briefly explored the queer relationship between Rumi (Jaden Smith) and Thor (Noah Le Gros) without giving too much away.

After releasing 11 episodes, Netflix announced the series was concluded in 2017.

4 Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters included two gay characters in a relationship | Freeform/Disney

Boasting a very passionate fandom, supernatural drama Shadowhunters about demon-trackers feature characters identifying as gay and bisexual.

Internationally distributed by Netflix, the series got canceled in June 2018. Constantin Films, the series producer, reportedly lost its output deal with Netflix, which was funding much of the project.

Freeform announced a two-hour series finale to give the show a proper sendoff. The final episode will air in May 2019.

5 Gypsy

Starring two-time Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts as psychologist Jean Holloway, Gypsy wasn’t more than an average psychological thriller with a problematic title.

Jean begins infiltrating the lives of her patients when she develops an inexplicable attraction to another woman, manipulative barista/musician Sidney.

Netflix canceled the series after one season in 2017.

6 Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter in the titular role.

Centered on a former superhero who starts working as a private investigator, Jessica Jones received positive reviews for its raw portrayal of sexual assault and harassment and PTSD.

The series also featured powerful lesbian character Jeri Hogarth, a lawyer hiring Jessica to solve her cases. Played by Carrie-Ann Moss, Hogarth was a straight man in the original comic.

Netflix axed the show in February 2019, revealing its upcoming third season will be its last.

7 Super Drags

In Netflix's upcoming animated series Super Drags, popular RPDR queens voice the drag superheroes

Short-lived Brazilian adult animated series features three friends who also perform as drag queens.

In a Powerpuff Girls fashion, Scarlet Carmesim, Lemon Chifon, and Safira Cyan, aka The Super Drags, are responsible for protecting the LGBTI community.

Featuring the voice of drag queen Pabllo Vittar, the English version sees RPDR contestants Trixie Mattel, Ginger Minj, Willam, and Shangela lending their voices to the characters.

8 Degrassi: Next Class

The last incarnation of high school drama franchise Degrassi, Next Class has several queer characters.

Particularly, the character of Tristan Milligan (Lyle Lettau) struggles not only with his sexuality but also with his body image. Tristan eventually loses his virginity to bisexual Miles (Eric Osborne).

The show also features a female same-sex couple, Zoe and Rasha, played by Ana Golja and Dalia Yegavian respectively.

Jointly produced by Netflix, Epitome Pictures and DHX Media, Degrassi officially came to an end on 7 March 2019.

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Author: Stefania Sarrubba

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The wave of cancellations comes as Marvel parent company Disney will launch its Netflix rival streaming service — Disney+ — in late 2019. The subscription video-on-demand platform will feature some of Marvel’s biggest box office stars (including Tom Hiddleston) reprising their roles in TV spinoffs, in addition to new scripted live-action Star Wars series and offshoots of other Disney-owned IP.”

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