‘Rocketman’ Featurette Follows Elton John’s Journey to Icon: WATCH

A new featurette for the upcoming Rocketman follows Elton John on his journey to rock icon.

Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell cover Man About Town magazine and talk about their roles as Elton and Bernie Taupin inside.

Said Egerton of playing Elton: “I have to say, I think when your primary objective is sounding like someone, then you slightly sacrifice a purity of expression and a real humanity. It can become a little bit sterile…and I absolutely didn’t want to do that because this is about illuminating someone’s life and what’s really going on with them…so there’s inevitably a bit of Taron in there because we’re talking about the spirit of someone and about their inner life and their drug addiction, not about the way they move their mouth in an interview.”

Added Bell: “It was very brave material in terms of the way they wanted to do this. In terms of telling this story. The movie spends many decades in Elton’s life, so to do that economically…we’ve used his music and the lyrics of his songs to try and help progress the story. And in some senses it kind of spins off into its own fantasy and its own reality. I felt that if you were going to tell the story of this man we all know…then this would be the way to tell it.”

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