I.M. Pei, Billy Porter, Michael Flynn, Starbucks Pride, Enfamil, Halsey, Batwoman: HOT LINKS

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RIP. Architect I.M. Pei dies at 102. “His death was confirmed by his son Li Chung Pei, who is also an architect and known as Sandi. He said his father had recently celebrated his birthday with a family dinner.”

MARIJUANA. Joe Biden says he supports decriminalizing it. “Asked by CNN if the former vice president supports legalizing marijuana, Andrew Bates, a Biden campaign spokesman, said Biden believes the drug should be decriminalized and that decisions on legalization should continue on the state level.”

CAPED CRUSADER. Robert Pattinson likely to play Batman.

MUELLER PROBE. Flynn told Mueller that people linked to the Trump administration and Congress told him to obstruct the Russia probe: “The court filing from special counsel Robert Mueller is believed to mark the first public acknowledgement that a person connected to Capitol Hill was suspected of engaging in an attempt to impede the investigation into Russian election interference.”

ENFAMIL. New ad for baby formula features gay dads. “This is the most important person in the world,” the men say of their daughter, “because she made us dads. She gave us that title and gave us that love that we were looking for.”

DESPERATE. Trump warned of “desperate” president who would attack Iran to get elected.

CANNES. Taron Egerton and Richard Madden make a pretty pair.

E-CIGARETTES. Federal court demands regulation: “A federal judge sided with health advocacy groups in ruling that the Food and Drug Administration must stop electronic cigarette companies from selling their products until they win approval from the agency.”

STARBUCKS. Coffee chain introduces rainbow cup for Pride. ‘Ahead of the 50th anniversary of Pride Month, the brand has launched the limited-edition “iridescent” cups in celebration of “pride, kindness, love, and diversity” in both U.S. and Canadian stores for $16.95. However, you might want to hit your local Starbs ASAP if you’re dying to buy—that was the OG price of the color-changing cups. Stock is once again limited, so another sell-out could be coming.’

THEY DON’T CARE. Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber.


MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Halsey “Nightmare”.

FIRST LOOK. Batwoman.

FRIDAY FLASH. Guto Oliveira.

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Game of Thrones Remake, Mr. Ratburn, Farmers, Pelosi’s Handcuffs, Nyle DiMarco, Bison, Greg Berlanti: HOT LINKS

PHILLY. Joe Biden chooses campaign headquarters: ‘The choice is both practical and symbolic for Biden. Philadelphia is convenient to his homes in Wilmington, Delaware, and northern Virginia. The site of the nation’s founding also highlights Biden’s campaign promise to “restore the soul of this nation” as he casts President Donald Trump as a threat to U.S. values.’

GAME OF THRONES. Petition asking HBO to remake Season 8 hits more than half a million signatures.

AD MAKERS. Obama admaker signs on with Pete Buttigieg: “I thought about a number of candidates. This is the one that ended up feeling like a right fit for the firm and a sense of what the country is looking for and what we need.”

FRANKLIN GRAHAM. Rise up against PBS and gay Mr. Ratburn:

FARMERS. Trump gave $62 million in bailout money for American farmers to a pair of corrupt Brazilian crooks: “The Department of Agriculture cut a contract in January to purchase $22.3 million worth of pork from plants operated by JBS USA, a Colorado-based subsidiary of Brazil’s JBS SA…. The bailout raised eyebrows from industry insiders at the time, as it was sourced from a $12 billion program meant for American farmers harmed by President Trump’s escalating trade war with China and other countries. …reports obtained by the Daily News this week reveal the administration has since issued at least two more bailouts to JBS…”

ZETA PHI BETA. Sorority walks back ban on transgender women.

DID YOU BRING YOUR HANDCUFFS? Bill Barr said this to Nancy Pelosi.

DAN LIPINSKI. Only House Democrat to not sponsor the Equality Act says he’ll vote for it: ‘In a speech on the House floor on Wednesday, Lipinski said that he would vote for the bill but wants religious liberty concerns to be addressed before it becomes law. “All Americans deserve equal treatment under the law and should have these rights protected, including individuals in the LGBT community,” Lipinski said. “At the same time, the free exercise of religious belief is a core ideal of our country, protected in the Constitution and through federal law.”‘

JAIR BOLSONARO. Brazil’s “proud homophobe” president met with George W. Bush.

EUPHORIA. Dan Scavino used to do Trump’s tweets but “that setup didn’t last long, this person said. Trump ‘wasn’t feeling the actual euphoria of typing the tweet himself and … then within 15 seconds seeing it blasted on one of the cable shows.’”

ROCKETMAN. Elton John and cast celebrate premiere at Cannes.

BISON. Animal groups ask for bison to be declared threatened or endangered: ‘Buffalo Field Campaign, Friends of Animals and Western Watershed Project filed the claim against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. The three organizations are represented by the Friends of Animals Wildlife Law Program. The groups claim failure to grant the request could cause “irreparable ecological harm” to the bison’s natural habitat and the study of bison in the park. They argue the bison play a “keystone role” in the Great Plains ecosystem and are imperiled by hunting and livestock grazing, infrastructure and climate change.’

BRITNEY SPEARS. Conservatorship under review….

NYLE DIMARCO. For the Equality Act.

BABY #2. Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti and soccer player Robbie Rogers welcome daughter.

NEW TUNE OF THE DAY. Slayyyter “Daddy AF”. “The breakout star reminds me of Myspace-era Ke$ha mixed with a bit of vintage Peaches. All in all, it’s a heady mix.”


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Notre Dame Pool, Honey Dijon, Alvin Baltrop, Glenn Close, Vaccines, Dinosaurs, Milo Ventimiglia, Tolkien: HOT LINKS

HOLY WATER. Architects propose cross pool atop Notre Dame. “The ideas aired publicly so far are unlikely to please traditionalists who want the 12th century gothic cathedral complete with 19th century spire by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc put back the way it was.”

PARIS VS LINDSAY. The feud goes on

DEAR LEADER. Florida radio stations to air two minutes of Trump speeches every hour from now until election: “Gulf Coast Media, Inc. senior management acknowledged that broadcasting the President’s speeches may not be consistent with conventional commercial FM radio, but we have taken this approach to show the community’s sincere appreciation for President Donald Trump’s work in Panama City and Bay County,” the station said.

CO2 ALERT. It was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this weekend.

ROCKETMAN. Richard Madden said he only shot his sex scene with Taron Egerton because it made sense.

HONEY DIJON. Comme de Garcons launching fashion line: ‘A DJ popular with the fashion crowd, Dijon has 118,000 followers on Instagram and commands huge crowds for high-energy sets that mix various genres of dance music. The most recent one was a sold-out “Brunch in the City” event in Barcelona last weekend.

HISTORIC. NYC considers six LGBTQ sites for landmark status. “All six played a critical role in the gay rights movement. One was a storefront restaurant that New York City officials described as the city’s first gay theater and the place where Off Off Broadway got its start. Another was home to a number of lesbian and feminist groups in the 1970s and 1980s.”

ALVIN BALTROP. New retrospective showcases photographer who chronicled Brooklyn’s Gansevoort Peninsula: “For 11 obsessive years in 1970s and ‘80s, the Bronx-born photographer documented the alternative world that existed in this once-run-down part of the city, which became a haven for gay men, cruisers, nude sun-bathers, and members of the LGBTQ community having a blissful time after the Stonewall riots and before the explosion of the AIDS epidemic.”

GRANTS. Lambda Literary to receive $40K from NEA.

IRAQ. U.S. orders departure of non-emergency government employees: ‘On Tuesday, the U.S. military reaffirmed concerns about possible imminent threats from Iran to its troops in Iraq, although a senior British commander cast doubt on that and Tehran has called it “psychological warfare.”’

FACTOID. Glenn Close and Lady Gaga’s mom are friends.

VACCINES. Twitter launches new search features to stop the spread of misinformation: ‘We recently launched a new tool so when someone searches for certain keywords associated with vaccines, a prompt will direct individuals to a credible public health resource. In the United States, we partnered with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and point people to vaccines.gov. The new search prompt is available on iOS, Android, and mobile.twitter.com in the United States (in English and Spanish), Canada (in English and French), UK, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. If you search on twitter.com, there’s a pinned Tweet with information from trusted partners.*’

PALEONTOLOGY. Scientists have unearthed most birdlike dinosaur ever found. ‘They called the new bird-like dinosaur Alcmonavis poeschli – from the old Celtic word for a nearby river and the scientist who discovered the fossil, excavation leader Roland Poeschl. The study, published in the journal eLife Sciences, said Alcmonavis poeschli was “the most bird-like bird discovered from the Jurassic.”‘

ALSO. Heeeeeere’s Scotty!

SMITHS FANBOY. Milo Ventimiglia was very nervous to meet Morrissey.T

TRAILER OF THE DAY. Tolkien. And read here about the gay subtext.


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