Family of famous drag kid responds to allegations of child abuse

Drag kid Desmond is Amazing

The family of Desmond Napoles, the famous 11-year-old drag performer, has been accused of child abuse. This comes after many on social media complained that the child was performing at gay bars.

CPS involvement

On 9 March, Desmond’s mother took to Instagram to show the numerous letters she received from Child Protective Services (CPS) and the NYC Administration for Child Services (ACS). The letters noted, repeatedly, that no evidence of child abuse was found.


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In their own words

‘This is what it has come to,’ the caption to the photo set reads. ‘We have been accused of child abuse, exploitation & maltreatment to the point that we have been backed into a corner trying to defend ourselves.’

‘Recently a YouTube video was made stating that we should allow ACS (CPS) to investigate if we have nothing to hide. Which we have & we do not have anything to hide. We have been under a microscope since early December. I never thought I would have to breach my own privacy & confidentiality to provide proof that has been demanded of us out of malice.’

She goes on to describe the numerous visits by CPS and ACS that their family was subjected to. This included announced and unannounced visits to their home and to Desmond’s school.

‘ACS has investigated us thoroughly. Because of the number of reports they received, our case went all the way to the Governor’s office. We had announced visits & unannounced visits to our home nearly daily & at all hours & Desmond’s school. Our family was probed more intensely than any other case before. All allegations were “unfounded.”’

‘Currently, we send screenshots of anyone encouraging others or admitting to contacting ACS to ACS to keep in our file. ACS is not a weapon. So many ACS resources could have gone to families that needed help. On the plus side, ACS has been offering us many support services.’

‘In addition, we were investigated by the NYPD, the Child Advocacy Center, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Department of Labor, and the District Attorney’s office. No abuse or maltreatment was found, no regulations for child performers were broken, no illegal activity has occurred.’

Ongoing harassment

‘We endured countless posts & videos slandering our family by people who have never contacted us for the truth or watched Desmond’s videos where he has spoken for himself. We put up with lies & rumors. We daily clear social media of hateful comments & messages. Someone has been messaging Desmond’s followers to convince them of alleged abuse. We deal with hate crimes & death threats perpetuated by “concerned citizens” & have been stalked. The NYPD is assisting us. Desmond has extra security measures in place at his school. All of this because we allow Desmond to be himself & do what he loves. We are a loving and supporting family. Anyone who knows us or met us can attest to that.’

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YouTube mom passionately defends son who likes dressing up in pink in viral post

Parker Ballinger, son of YouTube mom Jessica Ballinger

In a viral Twitter post, a YouTube mom, Jessica Ballinger, made a passionate plea defending her son and what he likes, including dressing up and more.

Ballinger and her husband Christopher have a popular online following. On YouTube, where they have over one million subscribers, they share the adventures of their family.

In October, she posted the original image and caption of her son, Parker.

Over the weeked, she re-posted it to Twitter with the caption: ‘Apparently this needs to be said again. Xoxo’

It swiftly amassed over 25,000 retweets and 110,000 likes.

Unconditional love at its finest

‘This is my son. He loves lots of things,’ Ballinger began the post.

So what things does Parker lover?

‘He loves dressing up and dancing and science and gymnastics and his family and @itsjojosiwa and Mickey Mouse and makeup and Peter Pan and drawing and math and he currently plans to marry his best friend and loves to play family with her and laments that his body can’t carry babies, but he dresses up like he’s pregnant anyway.’

Then she explained why she felt compelled to make this post.

‘I frequently see questions online asking if he’s gay or trans or why does he dress like a GIRL????’ she wrote. ‘My answer is that he is five and he loves a lot of things. If you see a boy in a dress, or playing in a traditionally female role, ask yourself— “if the roles were reversed, would I question it?”‘

Pointless gender roles

Ballinger continued her post:

‘When you see a little girl playing fireman/policeman/soldier/any previously male-only role or wearing pants or dressing like a favorite super hero or male celebrity, do you question it? Do you ask if she is gay or trans or imply that she is wrong for having the interests she has? NO, we rightfully celebrate their desire to be and do ANYTHING.

‘We call girls strong and celebrate it. Why don’t we do that for boys? We limit boys by only allowing them to love what we think boys should love.’

She wrote specifically about Parker and how she’ll love him no matter what.

‘I do not know what the future holds for our child. I will love him however he identifies. But right now, he has heroes who are girls. I celebrate that. And I think it means a lot for women. We SHOULD be heroes to our little boys. By not allowing boys to dress like the women they admire, you are telling them that being a boy is BETTER. That it doesn’t matter if that girl is brilliant, fierce, and his hero— it will make him “less” to idolize her. It doesn’t make him less to admire women. It makes him MORE. More willing to express what he is passionate about, more respectful of the women in his life and more open to believing women can be heroes.’

Positive responses

Ballinger’s tweet received many positive responses.

People wrote it was ‘sad’ this needed to be said at all and expressed their support for Parker.

People also praised Ballinger’s parenting and Parker’s spirit.

Finally, people also shared photos of their own sons who love what they love.

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Mom of 11-year-old drag queen defends son performing in gay bars

11-year-old drag queen Desmond is Amazing

The mother of an 11-year-old drag queen defended her son after an article claimed he was ‘being exploited and forced to perform’ at gay bars.

Wendy Napoles defended her son Desmond, who performs as his drag alter-ego Desmond is Amazing.

‘Hi, it’s mom,’ Wendy wrote on both Facebook and Instagram last night (4 January). ‘I can’t believe I have to type this.

‘Articles have been coming out claiming that my son danced half naked and stripped in a sleazy gay bar for grown men who threw dollars at him and is being exploited and forced to perform.

‘THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN BLATANT HOMOPHOBIA and [a] display of the grossly outdated belief that gay men are pedophiles,’ she wrote.

Wendy then continued: ‘The truth is, Desmond is a professional drag performer. No one forces him to perform, performing is what he loves to do and has always loved to do.

‘He was a ballet dancer for four years and is currently earning an A+ grade in drama at his school. He is extremely talented in his celebrity and character impersonations.

‘His costumes are less revealing than a dancer’s or cheerleader’s uniform, and are always age appropriate. While he dances, he does not move in a sexual manner.


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‘He often collects tips, as drag queens sometimes do, which we allow him to keep and he uses to buy clothing and the toy trains he wants.

‘His engagements are contracted and booked by his management agency. All of his performances are conducted in accordance with the Department of Labor’s regulations for child performers,’ she wrote.

Mom of drag queen: ‘Drag is changing’

Wendy then continued: ‘Desmond is never allowed into the bar area of any club, nor the main floor. He stays backstage with me, in the dressing room, or on stage only. It must be noted, however, that it is not illegal in NYC for a minor to be in an establishment that serves alcohol as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

‘Desmond was the sole performer for the event at the center of this controversy and he performed three numbers. The venue took measures to make sure it would be age appropriate and audience members that attended were respectful and in good conduct.


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‘I know a lot of drag fans/drag queens do not want to see kids in what they consider an adult form of entertainment or venue, but drag is changing and becoming more widespread and popular with people of all ages, genders, identities, races, abilities, and disabilities.

‘Instead of tearing drag kids down, why not mentor them? They are the future of drag,’ she wrote.

Read the full post on Facebook.

Desmond is Amazing under fire

It’s not the first time Desmond has come under fire for his drag.

Right wing site Red State wrote a piece about him in September, criticizing his drag and his activism.

‘In addition to his busy schedule as a gay and “drag kid” activist, amazing Desmond’s moved into anti-gun radicalism,’ wrote Alex Parker.

‘That’s right—sometimes it isn’t enough to slap on some rouge, top yourself with a daffodil wig, and pull on a pleather polka-dotted sequined v-neck tapered blousy netted metallic backless cocktail dress; sometimes ya gotta rage against the 2nd Amendment,’ Parker wrote.


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Luckily, Desmond had no time for the crude attempt at humiliation.

In an Instagram post, Desmond savagely took down Parker and his article.

Desmond wrote: ‘If you want to see what a sad bunch of adults who have nothing better to do than bully a child, call them names, and make up sexual scenarios about them, looks like, copy and paste the link below into your browser. But I wouldn’t recommend it… No need to give them any needed ad revenue.’

He’s been living his best life recently, including performing at the revived Wigstock over Labor Day weekend.

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