Think exercise is a drag? Try sweating it out with drag queens

Mary Poppers from Drag Diva Fit

Ever since I started out as a health professional, I always wanted to combine the hard slog of working out with a sense of fun and enjoyment.

Originally from Brooklyn, I moved to London 13 years ago. I then became a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer for six years.

But deep in my heart, I was also a Club Kid, who spent my youth dancing away the weekends at Sound Factory with some utterly fierce drag queens.

I loved every moment. 

My philosophy comes in the form of two short sentences – ‘Fitness is fun’ and ‘No judgment, only results’.

By all means, strive for the body you want but does it always have to be such hard work? And why not celebrate each sweaty sassy step of everyone in the whole class?

We are all in this together.

The birth of Drag Diva Fit

My regular classes focus on high intensity, circuit and body conditioning. But gradually, they began centring around the soundtrack of some fierce divas, or 80’s pop.

Until one day, in the middle of a Whitney Houston extravangaza, I had a massive Sound Factory flashback. I suddenly thought: ‘Why not have some real drag queens?’

Around the same time, I went on a Dragged Around London tour, and met a wonderful bunch of fabulous queens – headed up by Dolores Day.

Drag Diva Fit

Drag Diva Fit. | Photo: Pank Sethi Photography 2019

Although I mentioned the idea, we hadn’t considered it seriously until my manager at the gym said: ‘You’ve been talking about this for six months, you just have to do it.’

Dolores recruited her savage sisters – Mary Poppers, Bella Voyage and Maneeta and together, we put on a charity event that was hugely successful.

Afterwards, we realized this was viable and so Drag Diva Fit was born.

‘It’s fun, fruity and fabulous’

As Maneeta says: ‘At its core, Dragged Around London is about bringing drag out into the light, and Drag Diva Fit is doing exactly that.

‘It’s fun, fruity and fabulous so it’s a perfect fit for our queens! And many of us just love any excuse to strut our stuff,’ she said.

So, come and join us in a unique class, where you will both slay your calories and sissy that walk on the runway. That’s right, every class ends with a runway in the front of your adoring public… well the other members.

With a rolling cast of drag queens we can guarantee that every class will be totally gorgeous.

Drag Diva Fit is on every second and fourth Saturday of every month, starting 12 January. It’s held at the Bankside Health Club in London.

Check out the website for more information.

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Edinburgh gym to offer trans-specific fitness classes

An Edinburgh gym is to begin running fitness classes specifically tailored for trans and non-binary people.

Projekt 42, a not-for-profit gym based in the northeast of the Scottish capital, will be the first fitness center in the city to offer these type of classes.

The Rainbow Lifters classes will involve a mixture of weight bearing and high-intensity classes.

They will be held at the YMCA in Leith and will be free to attend.

‘We are passionate about treating people fairly and ensuring our members know they will be treated as their true gender at our facility, Sara Hawkins, the founder of Project 42, told The Edinburgh Reporter.

‘Transitioning can be a journey and health and fitness is fantastic for creating not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind.

‘These two separate weekly classes are suitable for all levels, tailored toward gender affirmation muscle development and functional full-body training, high-intensity exercises,’ Hawkins added.

‘A more positive relationship with our bodies’

The classes will be taught by Coach Huld, a non-binary trans-feminine personal trainer.

Huld has extensive experience in training countless numbers of people from the LGBTI community.

‘I truly believe that exercise can be a powerful means of developing a more positive relationship with our bodies, which can be such a challenge for non-cis people,’ Huld said.

‘That’s why I have made it my mission to lower the barriers of entry into fitness for people like me as much as I can,’ they added.

The classes are due to start from Sunday, 6 January. Trans-feminine classes will be held at 14.00-15.00pm, and trans-masculine classes will take place at 15.30-16.30pm.

Author: Calum Stuart

The post Edinburgh gym to offer trans-specific fitness classes appeared first on Gay Star News.