Mother files lawsuit against Ed Buck over son’s 2017 overdose

LaTisha Nixon and her son Gemmel Moore who died at the home of Ed Buck (Photo: Facebook)

The mother of a gay escort found dead at the home of Democrat donor Ed Buck has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Gemmel Moore died on 27 July, 2017 after a methamphetamine overdose.

Authorities ultimately ruled the death an accident and did not charge Buck.

But, his mother LaTisha Nixon, says Moore’s journal reveals how Buck got her son addicted to crystal meth (methamphetamine) by injecting him.

LaTisha Nixon demands justice for the death of her son this week in LA (Photo: Facebook)

LaTisha Nixon demands justice for the death of her son this week in LA (Photo: Facebook)

Buck, an LGBTI activist and Democratic donor, lives in West Hollywood, California.

Nixon filed a lawsuit against Buck, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, the assistant district attorney and others, according to NBC.

The 24-page lawsuit accuses Buck of wrongful death, sexual battery, assault, battery, negligence, civil rights violation, hate violence and drug dealer liability.

‘[Buck] has a well-documented history of isolating Black men for predatory sexual encounters during which he injects them with crystal methamphetamine in the confines of a drug den in his West Hollywood apartment’ the lawsuit claims, according to NBC.

On Tuesday, Nixon and other activists handed a petition with 30,000 signatures demanding LA authorities reopen the case.


According to NBC, Buck denies the allegations of wrongdoings.

Second death

Timothy Dean, a 55-year-old ex porn star, became the second black man to be found dead at Buck’s home in 18 months in January.

Police found Dean dead in Buck’s home in the early hours of 7 January after responding to a 911 call.

Buck’s attorney said Dean was already intoxicated when he arrived at Buck’s home. Police are still investigating.

The scandal led to protests. Politicians also promised to donate to charity funds given by Buck.

Gemmel Moore

Authorities found Moore in Buck’s home in July 2017. He was naked on a mattress with a ‘male pornography movie playing on the television’, according to the coroner’s report.

Police also found sex toys, syringes, and ‘clear plastic bags with suspected methamphetamine’ in the residence.

The report further detailed that Moore arrived at a male friend’s house at 6:45 pm. The male friend’s name was redacted.

As the report progressed, it stated the male friend witnessed Moore becoming warm and unresponsive. The male friend alerted a neighbor with ‘medical knowledge’ and called 911.

LaTisha Nixon and Gemmel Moore (Photo: Facebook)

LaTisha Nixon and Gemmel Moore (Photo: Facebook)

Authorities ultimately ruled the death an accident.

Nixon and other activists, however, suspected the ruling. They wondered whether Buck’s wealth and political ties influenced the conclusion.

The LA Times reviewed a journal found in Moore’s possession.

‘Ed Buck is the one to thank,’ he allegedly wrote. ‘He gave me my first injection of chrystal [sic] meth.’

The story of Ed Buck

Buck, who came out as a teenager, has long advocated for LGBTI causes.

Federal election records also show Buck has donated more than $53,000 to Democratic candidates and campaigns since 2008.

He first gained prominence in the 1980s when he led an effort to impeach Arizona Governor Evan Mecham.

Ed Buck, an LGBTI activist and Democratic donor

Ed Buck in West Hollywood | Photo: Facebook/Ed Buck

Following Moore’s death, Buck resigned from the steering committee of the Stonewall Democratic Club, a Los Angeles LGBTI political group.

Police said they would look into Moore’s death again during the investigation of this second death.

Author: Rik Glauert

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‘parTy boi’ Director Talks About Ed Buck And Meth In The Black Gay Community: WATCH

When partybois: black boys in ice castles premiered on the film festival circuit last year—many were shocked at how pervasive the crystal meth problem is and had not even considered how it affected the marginalized in our own communities. 

Director Michael White wasn’t surprised but he was and is saddened that one part in particular—a segment about  the “accidental overdose” of Gemmel Moore who died of a meth overdose at Ed Buck’s home. Buck is supposedly a  powerful LA political donor—whose home was witness to another Black gay man’s overdose last week—a death that echoes Moore’s death in virtually every way.

Towleroad spoke to White about the film and Buck in particular.

Do you believe Ed Buck to be a serial killer of sorts as journalist Jasmyne Cannick  has suggested?

I am hesitant to solidify that Ed Buck is a serial killer, but he definitely appears to have the framework of  the making of one. Psychologically, I believe him to be a sadistic man who receives pleasure from the pain of others and in this case — the pain of disadvantaged young gay Black men.

Why do you think he targets Black men?

I believe Ed Buck has a slew of fetishes that leads him to use gay black men as an outlet for fulfillment. I think it’s an obsession, a super-humanization of black men overall that stems from slavery, believing that blacks are physically and sexually superior while whites are intellectually and emotionally dominant. Many clients/victims of Buck reported the constant use of the N-word during their visit, removal of their own clothes to wear items Buck lays out for them [ white long johns] and lastly to financially reward his guest by having victims or himself shoot large amounts of meth into their bodies to see the amount their bodies could withstand before passing out or overdosing… it’s sick, it is almost reminiscent of 19th century New Orleans serial killer Madame LaLaurie. He targets those young black men that are socially disadvantage or in need of help with promises of financial reward or shelter in order to fulfill his slave play fetishes and meth induced like experiments.

How pervasive is the meth epidemic among Black gay men?

The meth epidemic in the Black and brown community is extremely widespread and growing every day. I started to see the rise of this foe in 2012-2013 when online dating apps  and  literature began to change or look different. I started noticing phrases and terms like party n play “PNP,” Tina[meth] or the use of emojis such as clouds and diamonds growing and becoming more prolific in day-to-day online conversations and profiles. With little information or research on this matter I was able to pull data from the New York Times that stated substance abuse counselors in New York City noticed a shift in clients seeking help with meth addiction, at one-point majority of clients were white gay men but now most are Black gay men. When did this happen? How did this happen? In my research for the party boi documentary I interviewed 102 individuals online, in bars, and via hook-up apps. 85 percent of these Black men informed me they were introduced to meth via their boyfriend or sex partner the other 15 percent through experimentation or were maliciously drugged from someone they hooked up with. The odd thing about the 85 percent who were introduced to crystal meth from their lover or boyfriend — and also informed me that their partner participated in sex work/escorting.

I believe that prostitution segued and exposed meth on a large scale into the Black queer community which in return elevated the HIV infection rate then lastly many turned to meth as a coping mechanism for HIV infection, addiction, homelessness and depression.

How did you get personally interested in this topic?

I became involved with the subject of crystal meth from personal experiences, having lost friends and family members to the addiction of this drug. I became increasingly irritated that it started trending in my community, so I felt it was my duty as an artist to create a body of work detailing the narrative that crystal meth is destroying LGBTQ people of color. I created the film party boi, black diamonds in ice castles as an answer to that need to create a space to speak about meth, addiction and depression. parTy boi, was curated to warn millennials of the dangers of meth as well as garnering an understanding of how it infiltrated our neighborhoods historically.


The story of Gemmel Moore became an impactful presence in the documentary. I wanted to humanize Gemmel because the media had made him to be a one-dimensional headline when in reality there were layers of complexities to his situation. I had the opportunity to interview and personally speak to his mother Latisha Nixon who fights everyday against the injustices of her son not only for being a Black man but someone of the LGBTQ community and I stand beside her along with political activist Jasmyne Cannick and many more seeking justice for Gemmel and informing the world about the ever growing epidemic of meth and calling out predators like Ed Buck taking advantage of the disadvantaged.

The Buck stops here.

A screenshot below of the documentary’s critical and award highlights.
Notably —  Winner: “Excellence in Film” at Black Heritage Awards in New York City. (August 2018)
Currently, the only way to view parTy boi is to coordinate a screening event in the desired community. Those interested in that option would have to communicate with producer Alvin J. Woods directly. To date — this method has allowed the filmmakers the opportunity to screen the documentary approximately 20 different times across the country as well as twice in Canada and twice in the UK (London and Manchester).
For screening information or to coordinate a screening event in your local community, reach out to Alvin J. Woods, at
Watch the trailer below.

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2017 Film ‘parTy boi: black diamonds in ice castles’ Exposed Ed Buck As A “Serial Predator,” And Explores The Tragic Last Days of His First Victim: WATCH


Photo above: Gemmel Moore

The award-winning documentary – parTy boi: black diamonds in ice castles by Michael Rice– exposed Ed Buck as a “serial predator,” and explores the tragic last days of Gemmel Moore, 26, the first victim that died of an apparent overdose of methamphetamine in Buck’s home in July 2017.

One of the men testifies in a voice over that Buck is a “slave master; the marionette [of] the whole black gay community with meth.”

The LGBTQ-targeted parTy boi also educates viewers on the dangers of meth addiction and the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness in urban communities, while providing a historically accurate depiction of “ballroom culture” – an artform of expression that recently found mainstream recognition on the hit FX network series, Pose Rice told Towleroad.


The post 2017 Film ‘parTy boi: black diamonds in ice castles’ Exposed Ed Buck As A “Serial Predator,” And Explores The Tragic Last Days of His First Victim: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad Gay News.