Miami’s Winter Party Is One Big Festival Of Love

Right now as I look out my window it’s bright and sunny and below zero — the air hurts my face — so I thought I’d call my friend Brian Marone and ask him about Winter Festival Party in Miami next month

Marone and I grew up in the same hometown but more importantly is the fact that he’ the Content & Community Manager for Winter Party Festival, “focused mainly on engaging the members of our new Facebook group page with fresh content to produce organic interactions.”

Marone notes that this is separate from the Winter Party Festival page on Facebook which only posts content related to the festival. “I also cover all the posts for our Twitter account and was involved in the early rounds of selecting photos for use in the marketing campaigns for the 2019 festival. My favorite task though is always when I get to write original copy, whether it’s for one of the parties, special ticket pricing, or any one of the amazing DJs we’ve had over the years.”

Winter Party Festival is a major fundraising event for the National LGBT Task Force, “a nonprofit which does an unbelievable amount of good for the community. A large portion of the money we raise goes back to LGBT organizations in South Florida, so the fact that Winter Party is a non-profit fundraising event sets us apart from other circuit events.”

Marone told Towleroad that they also focus heavily on making sure all our marketing content reflects the overall inclusive messaging of the festival — that when you attend Winter Party you can be your authentic self with your friends and chosen family from all over the world.”

Marone says that his  first Winter Party Festival was 2014 in believe, and it was also one of the first circuit festivals he ever attended. “That fact alone gives it a special place in my heart. There’s nothing better than escaping NY in the dead of winter for a week of fun on the beaches of Miami. So many people I met that first year I’ve met up with at other events and festivals all over the world. Now, it’s like a reunion every March at Winter Party — a time to catch up with old friends and a time to make some ridiculously fun new memories!”

It’s one giant love-fest!



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