Australia again bans Milo Yiannopoulos after Christchurch terrorist attack

Yiannopoulos says he had a sexual relationship with a priest when at school

Australia has once again banned alt-right poster boy, Milo Yiannopoulos, in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

Earlier this month the Department of Home Affairs originally banned Yiannopoulos based on character grounds.

Yiannopoulos is a British-born, American based former editor of the alt-right news site, Breitbart. He was coming to Australia complete a speaking tour. But the government denied his visa based on a belief Yiannopoulos may ‘incite discord in the Australian community or in a segment of that community’ .

But conservatives spoke out against the ban labelling it an attack on ‘free speech’.

Immigration Minister, David Coleman, then personally reversed the decision following the backlash.

Yiannopoulos is known for his sexist, transphobic and Islamophobic views. His 2018 Australian tour led to massive protests and police bill of US$35,000.

A backflip on the original backflip

But now the Australian government has again decided to deny Yiannopoulos entry to the country. This comes after the terrorist attack where an Australian man allegedly shot hundreds of Muslims, killing 49, at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

After the attack, Yiannopoulos took to Facebook saying the terrorist attack happened because the ‘establishment… mollycoddles extremist leftism and barbaric, alien religious cultures’.

Following the Facebook post the Department of Home Affairs again banned him.

‘Mr Yiannopoulos’ comments on social media regarding the Christchurch terror attack are appalling and foment hatred and division,’ read a statement from Minister Coleman.

He responded to the second ban arguing he had done ‘said nothing remotely objectionable’.

‘I explicitly denounced violence,’ Yiannopoulos wrote on Facebook.

‘I said that we on the Right are constantly disavowing racists…. And I criticized the establishment for pandering to Islamic fundamentalism.

‘This is why you should never temper your speech for the scolds, nannies and censors of the elite establishment: it doesn’t make any difference. They ban you anyway. All you do is compromise your principles.

‘Coleman and his party deserve to be annihilated at the next election for their betrayal of such fundamental western values as free speech and for cravenly folding to pressure from the Left. And I suspect that electoral annihilation is exactly what’s about to happen.’



Author: Shannon Power

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