11-year-old being escorted to lessons after homophobic attack and threats

eleven year old escorted to lessons homophobic bullying

An 11-year-old student needs to be escorted to her classes after a violent attack and a series of threats.

Savannah Tirre, a sixth-grader at Zia Middle School in Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been threatened on social media by her peers. She has now returned to school. The tween is being escorted to lessons by a Mesilla town marshal, according to Las Cruces Sun News.

Her mother told the news site she has been the target of bullying since October after Tirre came out as gay. The bullying began at her former school Picacho Middle School, forcing her to transfer to Zia.

She came out in the summer after fifth grade

The bullying only continued in her new school.

On Friday (8 February), students published a video on Facebook showing Tirre being punched six times by a student. The bully is not identified.

While the video doesn’t explicitly mention her sexuality, comments on social media threaten more violence and called her gay. One comment seen by the Sun News shows one person calling her ‘a little lesbian’ while saying she is ‘about to get jumped Monday again so get your phones out’.

Her mother has now filed a police report.

Savannah Tirre came out to her mother after graduating from fifth grade at Mesilla Elementary School.

Her family have always accepted her, but the students have not been so kind. According to her mother, the bullying was so intense that she started experiencing seizures that required medical attention by a pediatric intensive care unit.

The school have launched action plans to monitor the physical and emotional health of Tirre. Disciplinary action against the bullies have not yet decided, but the school said Savannah will not face suspension for fighting back.

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School Ordered to ‘Shelter in Place’ After Violent Threat and Brutal Beating of 11-Year-Old Gay Student

An 11-year-old gay middle school student in Las Cruces, New Mexico has a police escort between classes after she was brutally beaten on school grounds on Friday and was threatened by an unnamed male on social media over the weekend.

Savannah Tirre was targeted “right off the bat” after she came out as gay in October, according to her mother.

A video posted to Facebook shows Tirre being repeatedly punched as she lays on school grounds.

The Sun News reports: ‘The video does not show how the encounter began or whether it was instigated over the student’s sexual orientation. However, social media comments included threats of further violence toward the student and referred to her being gay. One example, shared as a screenshot on Facebook by the student’s aunt, included a threat with the poster’s name obscured that stated, “This little girl is about to get jumped Monday again so get your phones out,” describing Tirre as “a little lesbian.” An additional social media threat by an unnamed male, currently under investigation by police, led to security measures Monday which the Las Cruces Public Schools said it took “out of an abundance of caution.”

Because of the social media threat, which was not specified, the school’s students were ordered to shelter-in-place for a short time on Monday morning.

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France introduces national LGBTI anti-bullying campaign in all schools

Paris same-sex kiss-in, 2010

France introduced a national campaign in the fight to eradicate anti-LGBTI incidents in middle and high schools across the country.

Starting today (28 January), France’s Ministry of National Education and Youth launched All Equal, All Allies. It’s a campaign that ensures all state schools put up anti-bullying posters, as well as provide accompanying guides about LGBTI students for teachers.

SOS Homophobia spearheaded the campaign, which aims to make LGBTI youth in France feel more included at school.

They found an increase of reports of anti-LGBTI incidents by 38% in the last year.

Their recent report also said this causes decreased self-esteem, isolation and dropping out of school. The risk of suicide attempts remains four times higher for LGBTI youth than for the rest of the population.

They wrote in a press release: ‘SOS homophobia hopes that all institutions, public and private, will open their doors to this campaign so that it can reach a maximum of students and complete the work of prevention and awareness provided by SOS volunteers.’

Increase of anti-LGBTI attacks in France

In November last year, a French LGBTI activist group warned of an increase in anti-gay attacks across the country.

Across France, complaints of homophobic attacks increased by 15% since the beginning of 2018.

A number of French LGBTI rights activists also believe that the number of people to experience homophobic attacks or abuse is widely underreported.

‘This is just the tip of the iceberg,’ said the spokesperson for rights group Inter-LGBT, Clémence Zamora-Cruz.

‘On the ground, many attacks go unreported. Often, victims don’t complain for fear of reprisals, or because they’re afraid of speaking to police officers who aren’t aware of issues relating to LGBT identity.

He then added: ‘They’re scared of not being listened to.’

Last month, a handful of French artists got together to release a song to help tackle homophobia.

De l’Amour tells the story of gay refugee Azamat, with all proceeds raised going to French charity Urgence Homophobie (Emergency Homophobia).

Among the artists volunteering to sing on the track and appear in an evocative video were Emmanuel Moire, Christophe Willem and Muriel Robin.

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