Same-sex couple marry in Britain’s longest canal tunnel

a couple stands under a lit up rainbow coloured umbrella and they are kissing. they are wearing wedding attire

A same-sex couple decided the UK’s longest tunnel would be the perfect location for them to tie the knot.

Kate Stephenson and Rebecca (Becks) Errett, both 36, decided the Standedge Tunnel was where they wanted to say ‘I do’.

The couple from Holfirth, West Yorkshire knew they wanted to get married somewhere in Yorkshire.

‘We were looking for a venue that could host the ceremony and wedding breakfast in one location, but also somewhere that was typically Yorkshire in its essence and combined a rustic feel with some industrial heritage,’ Stephenson said.

It took one visit to Standedge Tunnel to know that would be the spot for their nuptials.

‘We looked at many different locations but as soon as we set foot in Standedge we both realised it was our dream venue. Those dreams came true in the most amazing way,’ Stephenson said.

‘We’d like to thank all the Standedge staff who helped make it such as special day.’

The Standedge Tunnel is known as ‘one of the Seven Wonders of the British Waterways’. It is the longest, deepest and highest canal tunnel in the country. The tunnel sits Peak District National Park just outside Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

It dates from 1811 and stretches more than 5km (3 miles) from Marsden in West Yorkshire to Diggle in Greater Manchester.

Their wedding fell right in the middle of the festive season so the women gave their nuptials a Christmas theme. The ceremony, wedding breakfast and party featured carol singers, Christmas trees and meals that reflected a traditional Christmas lunch.


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Family-run bakery in the UK facing backlash for selling gender-neutral ‘gingerbread persons’

Gingerbread persons (as opposed to gingerbread men) are causing online outrage

A family-run bakery in North Yorkshire is facing online backlash for selling gender-neutral ‘gingerbread persons’ cookies.

The classic holiday biscuit, typically called a gingerbread man, has undergone a non-binary makeover in recent years, making headlines all over the globe.

Now, Thomas The Baker is experiencing backlash firsthand for participating in the inclusive trend. Thomas The Baker is a small chain of shops in the North East of Britain.


Demii-Leigh Heffron from Manchester originally photographed the treat, posting it online with the caption, ‘It’s happening. Stop the earth I want to get off.’ The image was shared on social media more than 8,000 times.

Others on Facebook and Twitter also took offense, some blaming feminists and ‘snowflakes’ for the change. People called it ‘ridiculous,’ claimed it was an ‘emasculation’ of gingerbread men, among other things.

Twitter reactions

The reality of the name change

However, many people failed the realize that calling the cookies by the gender-neutral term ‘person’ goes back as far as 1983.

Thomas The Baker took to Twitter to correct the misconception that he was just ‘bowing to PC snowflakes.’

Author: Rafaella Gunz

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