House Approves Bill to Revoke Trump’s ‘Emergency Declaration’ on Border Wall

In a landslide consensus for the current government, the House of Representatives voted 245-182 vote to block Trump’s national emergency declaration.

With virtually every representative present for the vote, it’s one of the few times in recent memory that a resolution has passed with anything less than the bare quorum necessary.

The resolution now gets passed to the Senate where the AP noted: “there were already enough GOP defections to edge it to the cusp of passage. Vice President Mike Pence used a lunch with Republican senators at the Capitol to try keeping them aboard, citing a dangerous crisis at the border, but there were no signs he’d succeeded.”

To add insult to injury from his own party even Mitch McConnell has been quoted as saying he doubts the legality of the “Emergency.”

If the Senate does approve the House’s resolution it would also force Trump’s hand to veto the bill–which given his shaky stance with the GOP could prove to be a contentious quagmire that Trump is ill equipped to navigate.

Oh yeah, and in case your keeping score, this is a clear win for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Drag queens protest US border wall

Drag queens protest the US border wall (Photo: Twitter)

Drag queens gathered at Brownsville, southern Texas on Saturday (23 February) to protest President Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

The No Border Wall Drag Protest also raised money for LGBTI asylum seekers, according to NBC News.

Organizers wanted to dispel myths of a crisis on the border with Mexico.

Trump claims migrants from central and southern America traveling to the US pose a threat to national security.

He wants a total of nearly US$8 billion to construct a wall on the southern border.

After Congress agreed to US$1.3 billion in border security funding, Trump declared a national emergency in an attempt to get the rest of the money as soon as possible.

Rights activists have warned Trump’s immigration policies are harming asylum seekers at the border, including LGBT individuals.

Last year, a group of LGBT migrants split off from a larger group after reporting harassment and violence.

American Idiot

The queens lip-synced to tunes including Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and Green Day’s American Idiot, NBC also reports.

A dragtavist who goes by the name of Beatrix Lestrange told the network ‘the vision was to perform in front of this wall and project our beauty and our glamour and our empowerment against this symbol that stands for hate, racism and xenophobia’.

‘All of these things that aren’t really happening in our community’ she also said.

What’s more, funds raised from the event will be donated to Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) and Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas, according to the Brownsville Herald.

Author: Rik Glauert

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Former GOP Lawmakers Warn Congress to Vote Against Trump’s National Emergency or Risk Undermining Their Constitutional Authority

A group of almost two dozen former Republicans have sent a letter to GOP lawmakers, warning them to reject Donald Trump’s border wall national emergency or risk undermining their institution and the U.S. Constitution.

Politico reports: “In the letter, the former members wrote that the president’s move undermines the constitutional authority given to Congress to make federal appropriations, and argue that the emergency declaration would set a precedent for future presidents that could one day come back to bite them.”

The House is set to vote on a resolution to block Trump’s declaration on Tuesday, a move that would force a vote by the Senate where GOP lawmakers would have to choose to back Trump or vote against him.

Said the former GOP lawmakers.

We offer two arguments against allowing a president—any president, regardless of party—to circumvent congressional authority. One is the constitutional placing of all lawmaking power in the hands of the people’s representatives. Article 1 of the Constitution, which vests the legislative branch with specific powers, states in section 9: “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.” The power of the purse rests with Congress because it is
comprised of 535 representatives of the taxpayer and is the most direct connection between those being governed and those governing. If you allow a president to ignore Congress, it will be not your authority but that of your constituents that is deprived of the protections of true representative government.

The second argument goes directly to the question each of you must face: how much are you willing to undermine both the Constitution and the Congress in order to advance a policy outcome that by all other legitimate means is not achievable? The current issue—a wall on our southern border—has gone through the process put in place by the Constitution. It has been proposed by the President, it has been debated by Congress, and the representatives of the people allocated funding at a level deemed appropriate by Congress. We understand that there are many Members of Congress who disagree with the final funding compromise reached by a bipartisan group of legislators. To you, we ask this question: what will you do when a president of another party uses the precedent you are establishing to impose policies to which you are unalterably opposed? There is no way around this difficulty: what powers are ceded to a president whose policies you support may also be used by presidents whose policies you abhor.

Meanwhile, Trump is warning Republicans that they better vote for him, or else, tweeting: ‘I hope our great Republican Senators don’t get led down the path of weak and ineffective Border Security. Without strong Borders, we don’t have a Country – and the voters are on board with us. Be strong and smart, don’t fall into the Democrats “trap” of Open Borders and Crime!’

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