Bisexual actor Andy Mientus to star in LGBTI musical The View Upstairs

Andy Mientus

Bisexual theater actor Andy Mientus is returning to the stage in a new LGBTI musical, The View Upstairs, at the Soho Theatre in London.

Max Vernon’s newest musical The View Upstairs premiered Off-Broadway in 2017 at The Lynn Redgrave Theater, running until 21 May.

The musical explores the oft-forgotten story of New Orleans’ The Upstairs Lounge, a crucial place in LGBTI history. Four years after the 1969 Stonewall Riots, a 1973 arson set the club ablaze, killing 32 people. It was the largest attack on the community until the 2016 Pulse shooting.

Wes, a designer, is the main character of the show. He plans to turn the abandoned building into a clothing boutique in modern day. Through the magic of music, however, he’s transported to 1973, learning the true history of the site and meeting some truly unique characters.

Mientus stars in this new production as Patrick, alongside Declan Bennett, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Cedric Neal, and John Partridge. Wes has yet to be cast.

Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle, London’s production of The View Upstairs will begin performances 18 July. It officially opens on 23 July.

Mientus, who’s married to fellow theater actor and director Michael Arden, has previously appeared in Spring Awakening, Bent, Wicked, and Les Miserables.

A musical for ‘queer, artsy’ kids

Vernon said the music of David Bowie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hair, and other soundtracks inspired him.

‘Those scores opened me up to a more expansive and imaginative world that celebrated eccentricity, and oozed sexuality and freedom,’ he told the Huffington Post. ‘My hope is some weird, queer, artsy kid coming up will discover this music and it will mean something similar to them.’

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Bisexual actress Bella Thorne splits from Mod Sun after row at Coachella

Bella Thorne taking a mirror selfie with boyfriend Mod Sun.

Bella Thorne has made her rumored split from boyfriend Mod Sun Instagram official on 15 April.

The openly bisexual actress has announced the breakup with a picture of her and the American rapper taken last month.

‘I will always love you. All good things must come to an end,’ she captioned the shot. She also added a broken heart emoji.

The couple of two years attended this year’s Coachella.

Thorne and her now ex-boyfriend were seen having a heated argument in the VIP area of the controversial music festival on 12 April, a source told The Daily Mail.

They attended an event together on 13 April, but that didn’t help patch things up.

Mod Sun told The Daily Mail he is the one who ‘made the decision’. However, he didn’t rule out a reconciliation, saying, ‘You can’t tell the future’.

Bella Thorne was in a poly relationship with Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne. | Photo: @tanamongeau/Instagram

The Assassination Nation actress started dating the rapper in 2017. She was in a polyamorous relationship with him and YouTuber Tana Mongeau. The two women broke up last February.

Perez Hilton commented on the snap posted by Thorne, hinting at a possible reconciliation with Mongeau.

‘This is Tana’s chance! Slide back in, Mongeau!’ he wrote.

Mongeau also attended Coachella, but it is not clear whether she and Thorne met while there.

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Janelle Monáe reveals she was ‘terrified’ to come out as queer

Janelle Monáe

Singer Janelle Monáe revealed she was ‘terrified’ when she came out as queer last year.

Monáe was honored as the first cover star of the digital Condé Nast LGBTI publication them. Fellow artist and rapper Lizzo interviewed Monáe and they spoke about queer identities, acceptance, Monáe’s career, and more.

When Lizzo told Monáe people were ‘lit to know that you were queer as fuck’, Monáe responded simply: ‘I was terrified.’

Last April, she came out in Rolling Stone.

‘Being a queer black woman in America… someone who has been in relationships with both men and women – I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker,’ she told the publication at the time.

Though many people celebrated her coming out and welcomer her into the LGBTI community with enthusiasm and open arms, it was still a anxious time for Monáe.

‘I thought people were gonna say, “Oh, she’s doing this as a publicity stunt,”‘ she told Lizzo.

‘I thought I wasn’t gonna be able to go back home and be at all the barbecues. […] And a lot of it was just untrue. It was my fear of what people were gonna say. And I’m thankful that I didn’t allow that fear to get in the way of my freedom.’

A journey to acceptance

Monáe said discovering new parts of herself is a journey, and not a destination.

‘That’s what I love about life. It takes us on journeys that not even we ourselves sometimes are prepared for,’ she said. ‘You just adapt to where you are and how you’ve evolved as a free thinking person.’

After growing up in the midwest, she said she had to have many conversations about her sexuality.

‘After I had those conversations with myself and I saw a therapist, I had to be able to talk about what it meant to identify as bisexual.’

She continued, explaining the questions she asked of herself: ‘What does that mean? How would discovering that impact the relationship I was in at the time? How do I talk about it with my family […] go back to my church? The bottom line is I had to have conversations with myself and the folks that love and care about me, and realize they may not understand what it means for me to be a person who identifies as queer in this world.’

Inspiring others

In the most recent season of Queer Eye, one of the season’s heroes was a young, black lesbian named Jess. In the episode, Jess said Monáe was an inspiration to her.

Monáe told Lizzo what hearing that meant to her: ‘Man, the fact that my album has reached another young black woman like her, and it’s helped her in her life, it makes me feel like I’m walking in my purpose and it’s really what I’m supposed to be doing.’

She added: ‘To be young, queer, and black in America means that you can be misunderstood. You can be hated. It also means that you can be celebrated and loved. And I think there’s a lot at stake when you’re living out loud in that way.

‘One thing I’ve realized even more was that when you walk in your truth, you can inspire and encourage people to walk in theirs’.’

Monáe also gave advice to young people discovering themselves, including having patience and not making decisions based in fear.

‘I think there’s so much power in not labeling yourself. That said, there’s also power in saying “This is how I identify,” and having community with the folks you identify with,’ she said.

‘Everyone is on a journey of self-discovery, and those of us who may not understand others’ journeys should be more empathetic and tolerant and supportive.’

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