Listen to Sally Field’s Son Offer Commentary on His Mom’s Most Campy Film

Listen to Sally Field’s Son Offer Commentary on His Mom’s Most Campy Film

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On the podcast Sam Pancake Presents the Monday Afternoon Movie, hosted by one of our favorite openly gay actors (Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, Will & Grace), listeners are treated to a dissection of one of the many made-for-TV horror movies of the 1970s. Each time we get to hear Sam Pancake and […]

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See Ellen Page in Netflix’s new superhero show The Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page in The Umbrella Academy

Netflix recently released the first trailer for their upcoming superhero series, The Umbrella Academy, starring Ellen Page.

Based on the Dark Horse comic, the series tells the story of children born to women who weren’t pregnant the day before they gave birth.

A billionaire adopts some them and trains them to save the world. When he dies, however, the kids set out to find the truth and, well, save the world.

Gerard Way (yes, of the band My Chemical Romance) wrote the original graphic novel, with Gabriel Bá illustrating.

Way is also co-executive producing the series, which was written by Jeremy Slater.

Page plays the only child without superpowers. Mary J. Blige also stars in the show as someone ‘super evil’, based on the promotional character posters.

Details of Page’s character, Vanya, surfaced when she was first cast last year.

Vanya may not have powers, but she is a gifted violinist, which is important to the plot.

‘Vanya is a wallflower who has a hard time understanding her place in the family since everyone has abilities that she lacks,’ Nylon revealed. ‘But it’s also canon that the rest of Vanya’s siblings do not deal well with their powers, so maybe not having a superpower is a power in itself.’

The trailer gives away nothing beyond the bare bones of the plot, but it’s fast-paced and energetic. It also has a particular comedy, as seen by Page’s Vanya telling her sibling she’ll put on some coffee when she’s told the world is ending.

Interestingly, it also numbers the children, 1-5 and then Vanya as the seventh. There’s no mention of Number Six.

The 10-episode series arrives on Netflix on 15 February.

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Untold love story of two World War I soldiers buried together is beautiful

The grave of Emil and Xaver, soldiers from World War I

Twitter is buzzing over a previously untold story about the love story between two World War I soldiers.

It all began in November when playwright Guillem Clua tweeted out a photo of a grave where two men, Emil Muler and Xaver Sumer, are buried together.

The grave is located in a German cemetery in Sighisoara, a city in the historic part of Transylvania, Romania.

Clue’s original tweet — and subsequent thread with over 100 tweets — has been retweeted over 23,000 times.

The story has been gaining more traction because user @brendonsexual reshared the story and translated it into English.

Clua later revealed that while the gravestone is real, the story is fictitious.

People have previously woven fictional tales on Twitter, usually of the paranormal and thriller variety.

‘I did not want to do a Manuel Bartual, I wanted to tell a nice story [about] LGBT,’ he explained.

Inspiration for the story came from Clua’s visit to the real cemetery, as well as the city museum.

He also said that though the details of the story are not real, its success shows people ‘are anxious to believe in love’. It also doesn’t make the story any less impactful and still worth reading.

The story begins

As Clua explains, he was struck by the grave with two names and wanted to know more about Emil and Xaver.

Clua defins Prieteni in the next tweet: ‘friends’.

As Clua continues his investigation in the city museum, he stumbles across information about the ‘Muler family’.

As the story continues, Clua expands more on Emil — including his time in the war, and dying in 1916 from his wounds.

Still, his fabricated investigation turns up nothing about Xaver.

As it all continues unfolding, Clua stumbles upon a painting by an ‘X. Sunyer’ titled Emil’s Room.

The painting is from 1913, before Emil went to war, helping Clua piece together that Emil and Xaver knew each other before the war.

So the next part of the story takes Clua on a mission to find Emil’s home — if it even still exists.

At the house, now a hotel, Clua ‘meets’ Dorothea Tadchler, a descendant of the Mulers. He discovers Emil and Xaver were friends from school.

Clua decides to stay the night and Dorothea shows him a briefcase with the initials ‘EM’.

Throughout the thread, Clua littered his story with photos and the occasional video. It lends a tangibility to it, allowing readers to believe in it, if only for a moment.

In the photos, he finds one labeled ‘Xaver Sumer, 1914’.

As Clua’s story continues, he reveals Emil and Xaver did not fight in the same locations. If they did not fight together, why were they buried together?

The tweets continue and Clua goes back to the idea that their story will be erased, and he determines that won’t happen.

A story forgotten to history?

It hardly ends there.

Clua’s next stop takes him to he granddaughter of Hermann Balan, another friend of Emil and Xaver’s from school.

Hermann felt Emil and Xaver growing away from him and when he found out why (them being lovers), he told his parents. The news spread and soon Emil’s father sent Emil to study in Munich, while Xaver stayed behind.

Now the emotions of Clua’s story hit harder.

When Emil was wounded in the war, he went home. Xaver heard the news and went straight there when he was relieved of duties.

Then Hermann’s granddaughter showed Clua a letter from Xaver to Emil.

Clua then tweeted the contents of the fictional (?) letter.

Emil was originally buried alone, and Xaver returned to war, unable to remain in the city with such memories.

Then Clua reveals Xaver’s death certificate.

Xaver was buried in another town after his death, 300km away from Emil’s grave.

So how did they end up together?

It was Hermann Balan who took on the great task of moving their bodies and having them buried together. It was part of his own redemption.

Hermann’s granddaughter tells Clua what he said the day of the new burial at the memorial for soldiers:

The true story of Emil Muler and Xaver Sumer and their shared grave remains unknwon, but Clua still delivered something special. It’s worth reading in its entirety.

Another user translated and shared Clua’s explanation of the story, in which he wrote that ‘fiction heals’.

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